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Kuuri: The Cat Who Wears Socks

This is Kuuri.
We don’t know if she had an accident or was abused, but when she was rescued from a road, her upper jaw was broken, she was afflicted with a skin condition, and she was in very poor health.

Kuuri’s skin condition turned out to be mange. It took time to heal and recent test results have come back negative, but still she still scratches for some unknown reason. She is young and full of life, so we felt it would be unkind to have her wear an Elizabeth collar all the time. So we put socks on her instead. That way, even if she scratches she won’t hurt herself.

Most cats would feel strange wearing socks and would rip them or try to take them off, but Kuuri doesn’t seem to mind.

Come on, Kuuri. You’ve spent so much time in your cage recovering that it’s time for you to get some exercise now!

What an adventure!
Kuuri peeked into the cages of the other cats, crawled under the shelves, and had fun running around the room.

It took a long time for Kuuri to recover and she still tends to scratch herself, but we want to get her spayed and then adopted as soon as possible.
Poor battered Kuuri who nearly lost her life on a road…Look how far you’ve come! I feel a rush of love when I see her innocent face.

This is a picture of Kuuri when she was rescued.

Kuuri, I hope you find happiness soon.


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Takarazuka Summer Festa 2009

On Saturday, August 22, ARK took part in the Takarazuka Summer Festa 2009.

Due to the high temperatures during this outdoor event, we weren’t able bring any dogs or cats with us, so we showed a video and had a panel display to teach people about animal protection.

This year’s booth was a collaboration with ALIVE (All Life in a Viable Environment)..
We were able to talk about many things with other organizations and came away from the event having learned a lot.

In the morning it looked as if it was going to rain, but after some time the sun broke through.
People enjoyed the various events up on the stage, from dances to bingo tournaments.

The people who attended were mainly from the local area and didn’t know about ARK and our rescue activities. Many were surprised hear about animals that had been abandoned by their owners without a second thought.

Some children donated their spending money for the festival to ARK, and we truly thank them for this. We hope they’ll spread the word about what they learned and that they should be sympathetic to people and animals.

Some people also said that they had only considered buying a pet from a pet shop. They said that next time they would come to ARK.

Pebble, who was rehomed by ARK, came to visit us.
His new family lives in the area and they were surprised to see ARK at the festival.
I was so happy to see Pebble again♪

Thanks to the understanding of the Takken Association, we were able to have a small booth at which to promote ARK at the Takarazuka Festa 2009. We truly appreciate their support.

The autumn is going to be filled with many more ARK events!
We’re working hard to find new families for as many animals as possible!

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Hino-chan has finally found his new family!!
Hino-chan was being temporarily looked after at the home of KK for 4 months.

He scares easily, and it’s a bit difficult for him to open up to people.
He also suffered from struvite urolithiasis and was on a formula diet.
He was a stray dog, so it was uncertain whether he could adapt to living with people as a house dog, but he’s such a good dog. He is one of a kind; profound and funny.

I really didn’t want to see him spend the rest of his life at ARK without giving him a chance, so I decided to bring him home to take care of him. If a dog is scared or used to being a stray dog, we must help the dog adjust to being a house dog before we even consider introducing him/her to foster families. Being on a formula diet is also a setback in the rehoming of many dogs and cats, so I also wanted to try to change that to bring hope to those animals who are on formula diets.

Hino-chan was able to graduate from the formula diet, he’s now perfectly toilet trained, he understands about living in a house, he doesn’t get motion sickness, and he’s ready any time you call him!

We posted information about him on both the blog and the website “Always Seeking a New Family”(Japanese only) a couple of times, but because I had to work on the rehabilitation of other animals, I had to bring him back to ARK.
Luck was not on his side. He would hide when a stranger peeked into the dog enclosures at ARK, and his once-healed skin condition started to worsen.
To be honest, I was beginning to give up. I wondered “Are the staff who care for Hino- chan the only people who find him lovable?” “Perhaps there isn’t really a choice for scared dogs and cats but to spend their lives at ARK...” Pessimistic thoughts filled my head.

Being a nervous dog, Hino-chan froze with his tail between his legs the first time he met his new family. I was worried that they would not like a scared and nervous dog as their first dog and I told them I would also introduce them to other dogs.
However, the family did not want to be introduced to other dogs.
They chose Hino.
Although Hino-chan could not show his best side due to nervousness, the family was warm and understanding enough to accept him as he is.

I was overwhelmed with joy, but having to suddenly say goodbye to him really hit me hard. After saying goodbye to them, I was overwhelmed with emotion and I couldn’t stop myself from crying... (I couldn’t even help myself from crying after I came home...)

But dear Hino-chan, I am so very happy!
And my wishes go to his brother Maru-chan that he will find a new home as well!!
And to all the scared doggies and kitties at ARK, let’s follow in the footsteps of Hino- chan!!!

(Oops, I have to update the images for this title too♪)

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Sponsor System

Twinkle and Piglet, who were being supported via our sponsor system, were rehomed together!

チビピグ2チビピグ1 チビピグ4チビピグ3
Always playful and full of energy, these two are friendly and compatible, but Twinkle, who’s blind, and Piglet, who has paralysis in his legs, were both difficult to place with new families…

Despite their disabilities, these two are young and active, and here at ARK, we only had a small space for them. Due to stress and lack of exercise, they’ve both suffered from bladder infections.
Seeing this situation saddened our staff.

But happiness suddenly arrived for them!!
Now they’re surrounded by the love of their new family and are living happily at home.

And another piece of happy news that’s nothing short of a miracle is that Joey has been rehomed!

Joey, a 13-year old mutt, is disabled in the lower half of his body.
He was taken in by ARK almost 12 years ago and in the photo from back then, you can see how he had an injury to his ear from which he was bleeding, and his entire body was dirty. In fact, he looked much older back then. He used to be such a timid dog.

Joey’s new family had previously taken in a dog that was afflicted with an illness and took care of that dog until he passed away. Now that same family has volunteered to take in another hard-to-place dog.

It is extremely difficult to rehome those with disabilities and illnesses, which is why they’re chosen to be members of our sponsor system.

We’d like to express our deep appreciation to all those sponsors who have supported them up to now. Thank you very much for everything. It’s because of the warm support of our sponsors that these animals are now able to experience happiness.

Now that these three have “graduated” from the sponsor system, we are in the process of selecting new sponsor cats and dogs. We plan to put up information about being a sponsor on our ARK homepage, so we hope you’ll check it out soon!

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Sunday, August 2nd Green Dog Adoption Event☆Update

Here’s an update on the Green Dog Adoption Event held in Kobe on Sunday, August 2.

It’s been 8 years since Kyo-chan was rescued and brought to ARK, but she still hasn’t had a chance to be rehomed because she gets scared easily. She’s already 10 years old, but is quiet and gentle, and we thought it might be a good idea to let her join an adoption party to give us an opportunity to conduct a bit of a social study. Kyo-chan looked like she was enjoying herself at the event when there weren’t many people around, but when more people came by, she went to the corner of the room and sat there stiffly. Many people were concerned about Kyo-chan sitting in the corner and were kind and encouraging to her. Kyo-chan, people are nice, aren’t they?

Beckham the Beagle is an old dog. He’s good at mingling with other dogs and also very friendly towards people. He was rehomed before but returned to ARK, so we really hope he gets a chance to lead a happy dog’s life again. Beckham was wearing a doggie diaper that day as he’s not toilet trained, but he stood in the middle of the room and wet himself, so his doggie diaper got soaked through. He then had a pet sheet and sealing tape around him. A little unfashionable, but there was no other way…. Despite his little accident, Beckham was basically behaving himself very well and did not pee on anything. Maybe he was too busy cuddling up to people and getting treats, and forgot all about peeing!

Wall the Yorkshire Terrier found a new family that day! Because she used to be in a puppy mill for the sole purpose of breeding puppies, and had never felt the warmth of human contact, she still lacks the ability to express her feelings. I’m sure she will warm up little by little as she enjoys the love of her new family. I’m so happy you’ve found an adopter who understands you!

Lan-chan goes for a walk around the crowded Dotonbori area once a week for social training. When there were still only a few people at the adoption event, Lan-chan snuggled up to the first person she met and was calm. However, as more people started to come in, she struggled and tried to escape, so staff had to stay with her all the time. She was taken to the garden for a break and moved to other places where she could relax.

Lan-chan didn’t eat many of the special dog treats, but once she found the dried dog food in her familiar lunch box, her eyes lit up. After that, she was more confident going to meet strangers and sat there for food. Lan-chan might be a chicken, but she’s definitely a big eater.

Several former ARK dogs also dropped by.

Atoma Bernese mountain dog, is not keen on other dogs and couldn’t come in to the event venue, but his family says he’s doing fine with the other dogs at the house where he lives. We saw him listening to his mom very well.

Chi-ko was rescued together with Moomin, Chibika, and Momotaro. She played with the puppies at the event.

Maron-chan used to be called Okaki at ARK. She’s now nicely calm and gentle, so it was clear that she’s receiving a lot of love from her new mom and dad.

When we meet former ARK dogs and cats who are now happily rehomed with their new families we feel a real sense of reward from working at ARK.

Bonanza and Superstar, both puppies, looked so happy all the time, running and jumping around begging for treats. But Superstar sprained her leg when she was playing with Chi-ko, and cried terribly. Her crying was so loud that it brought the high spirits of the event down. The picture on the lower right is the whining Superstar, having her injured leg rubbed, but later, we saw her lifting the other foot up! You were just pretending to be hurt! It all discouraged Chi-ko who had been playing with Superstar, and her owner felt responsible, which made us feel bad.

You were the wimpy little kid of the day. We need to train this overreacting Superstar all over again…

Coil got carsick on the road to Green Dog. He didn’t look well for a while after arriving, but as visitors began to play with him, he cheered up. What’s more, he found a new family! It was such a tiring day, and you got carsick, but it was worth it!

For those who didn’t find a family, let’s learn from today and keep on trying to find you happy homes!

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You Did It, BJ!

Do you remember BJ, or Black Jack as he’s otherwise known?

Here’s a previous entry about him↓ 

Guess what?!
We found him a foster family!!

He’s already living with them and we’d like you to know how he is doing in his new environment.

His foster family asked us, “So what exactly was the problem with BJ?” They thought it very strange that we had had problems with him.

He’s now living with three other dogs (one of which was adopted from ARK♪). They all get along, or should I say they just ignore each other and enjoy their days.

The foster family has a big enclosure for the dogs, and BJ loves to be out in the spacious, fenced garden that’s shaded by many trees.
According to his foster family, he loves to eat food that contains chicken breast, beef gristle, and cabbage.

They say there’s no need to worry about BJ ♪

After writing about BJ on the ARK Tails blog, we made many attempts to improve BJ’s quality of life.
He liked to run free along the riverside but at night and on days when it rained, he would cry desolately from inside his small enclosure.

BJ’s foster family saw the column about him in the Japan Times - a column that features a different ARK animal once a week – and asked us if they could foster him. His picture was taken by the professional photographer, Kyoko Harada. It was a wonderful picture.

Thanks to the hard work of many people, BJ’s dream of leaving ARK came true.

I’m so happy that I can’t find the words to express it!
All I can say is that all our efforts were fruitful.
You did it, BJ!

※ The pictures were taken while BJ was at ARK.

There will be two adoption events tomorrow:
 Kobe: GreenDog☆(Japanese only)
 Tokyo: DogLifeDesign

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