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Kittens were abandoned at ARK.

One day, a small cardboard box appeared in front of ARK.

In the box with the words, “Sorry, but please take care of them” written on top, were four kittens about one week old. They still had their umbilical cords attached, and their eyes were not yet open. There was nothing in the box like disposable pocket warmers to keep them warm—just a thin towel. The kittens were extremely exhausted.

It seemed like someone had left the box there early in the morning. The kittens were in a life-or-death situation, and had the discovery been made even a little later, the kittens would not have made it.

We warmed them and tried to give them milk, but they struggled to suck the feeder. The four kittens were so tiny and feeble. The staff member trying the best she could let out an anguished cry.

”You have to get milk now…!”
“Please live!”

It is difficult to take care of suckling kittens and keep them in good health, and it is not something that just anyone can do. Several staff members have been looking after them in turn, but because there are so many other dogs and cats to take of, they can’t be with the kittens all the time. The staff have to feed the kittens every few hours and take care of excretion as well. They haven’t had enough sleep for many days.

Abandoning animals is a crime.
Under the Act on Welfare and Management of Animals, violators can be fined up to 500,000 yen.
In Osaka Prefecture, abandoned animals are regarded as “evidence” of the abandonment charge, and there are cases where suspects have been identified and prosecuted by the police. Of course, ARK reports any abandonment of animals to the police.

Information regarding the Act on Welfare and Management of Animals


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5/24 Field Note Adoption Fair Update

The recent flu scare nearly shut down this Field Note event. We were worried that if we proceeded with the event, no one would show up. However, as it turned out, we had no reason to worry! We had such a great turnout we couldn’t even figure out how many visitors we had. The road to our event is usually crowded with Nara tourists, but on this day it was quite empty, which meant Field Note was the only place with festivities.

For this event we had booths selling organic tea and vegetables, socks (the same vendor that participated last fall), wooden toys, small leather goods, and pottery.

Look! There was even a section for Oliver Garden seedlings.

Despite the flu scare we had many visitors, and for that we owe many thanks to the vendors who participated in the event. They help bring in more visitors to our adoption fairs, and we can’t thank them enough!

Although there was a brief thunderstorm in the afternoon, we were able to end the event on a very successful note.

Many ARK graduates came to join in on the fun.
There was Napi and Imana from the “32 Puppy-Mill Rescues”, Jink who found a new home at the last Field Note event, Whiskers, Turkin…

Puffin & Bigori, Koroku, Anko (Wakame), Boy…
One of the many highlights of the event was seeing all of you again; how happy and healthy you guys look!

(“We attended the event too, but where’s our pup’s name?” If that’s what you’re wondering right now, please forgive the forgetful K.K. and leave us a comment!)

Now, let’s see.
How did the main characters of the event, the ARK dogs looking for homes, do at the adoption fair?

Relaxed from start to finish and friendly to everyone, including strangers. It was hard to believe she was the same dog as the one that barks across the fence in her kennel at ARK. She would make a great pet for a first-time dog owner.

Mitchy loved being held by children, was calm and comfortable, and used her cute whining skills to beg for treats. Then the next second she was up and running, tossing the toys around. We saw the two faces of Mitchy; the relaxed one and the playful one!

From the beginning, Mai-chan showed no signs of being nervous, and wandered around on her own even when no staff were near her. She was completely different from her anxious self at ARK, and would make a great pet for anyone.

Where did the energetic, spunky Wally go? In his place was a shy, quiet dog… but only at the beginning of the event. Wally was nervous and bewildered by the unfamiliar environment, but he quickly relaxed and charmed everyone with his friendly personality and handsome good looks.

Takuya is a toy poodle and papillon mix. He’s very playful, easily amused, and loves people, so hanging out with a lot of people was a dream come true for him! But he’s only 1 year old and still very young, so it’s important not to spoil him just because he’s so cute. We’re going to find a family that will continue your training so that you can be the best dog, right Takuya?

At ARK, Momotaro is usually either nervously barking or hiding in his kennel. It takes him a while to adjust to new people and situations. Once he’s comfortable, though, he’s the most loving, loyal boy. At the adoption fair, he became frantic trying to find a place to hide on the wooden deck… we gave him breaks in less-populated areas, made hiding spots for him under furniture, and letting him observe the situation on his own terms. Thanks to the efforts of the staff, he grew more comfortable with time, and was able to show the visitors his “sit”, “shake”, “down”, and “wait”, with the help of some treats. Since he had been so scared in the beginning, the simple act of sitting and eating a treat in front of the visitors was enough to win all their hearts. I see what you did there, Momo-chan!

Our happiest announcement of the day was that Route found a new home! Formerly a breeder’s dog, Route now has her very own family that will love her unconditionally. As soon as the preparations are finished, she will be going to her new home.

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The Devil in Tippex’s Bottom

One morning, on a freezing cold winter day, we found a small dog abandoned on the roadside. He was skin and bones, and looked like a mummy. He was lying beside an open bag of dog food and a dog bed
This was the condition in which the Italian Greyhound Tippex was abandoned.

When he was first rescued, he would respond to anything even if it wasn’t any kind of stimulus and would attack his own legs. He would then panic, growl at people and things would get a bit out of control. On his bottom, there was an open wound with pus, perhaps from a bed sore. However, he knew many commands like “sit” and “wait.” We wondered what kind of conditions he had been living in before we found him.

Our vet cleaned his plaque-covered teeth and he began to put weight on his mummy-like skinny body. He couldn’t walk much before, but now he loves to go for a walk and sometime he asks for a walk. The wound on his bottom has almost healed. He seems to look much younger than when he was rescued. Perhaps he’s younger than we had estimated.

He has started to show his emotions and be more expressive. In fact, he has become more like a dog.
But here at ARK, we have so many other dogs and it’s such a noisy place with lots of stimuli, so we can’t give him the sense of calm he needs. He still sometimes panics and attacks his own legs.

When we quietly pet Tippex at night when he is sleeping curled up in a ball, he looks at us with sleepy eyes. Behind those clear, black, innocent eyes, how much pain is he carrying? What he needs to get through such darkness and pain in his heart is to live in a peaceful environment with a loving owner.

One of the staff said, “There is a devil in his bottom.” And the only person who can defeat the devil is your new family, sweet Tippex.

★ Field Note Adoption Day is on Sunday, May 24 ★
 Cats and dogs that we hope will participate → Click Here (Japanese only)

Field Note
Tel: 0742-36-7227
2-77 Shijou Ouji, Nara-shi
Business Hours: 11:00-18:00
Closed: Mondays

Update (Thursday, July 2)

Tippex was put to sleep. The self-abusive behaviour that had been a problem with him since we found him had worsened and he was badly hurting his backside. He was also attacking other dogs and suffering from seizures. We consulted our vet to try different treatments and methods to help him. We also changed his living environment, but his condition did not improve and he would panic when he saw other dogs out for their walks. Even when we weren’t around he would howl and become aggressive with the other dogs.

We know he wasn’t easy to care for, but we wanted to give him as many chances as we could – we even sought a foster family for him on our blog. However, his quality of life declined rapidly to the point where it was impossible to care for him. We had to make the difficult decision to put him to sleep.

We did receive a couple of applications from people interested in adopting him, but it wasn’t to be. We are very sorry to have to give you such sad news. We are all very upset that Tippex’s life had to end.

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Photo Exhibition “Dogs with the Energy for Life”

A 3-day photo exhibition “Dogs with the Energy for Life” opens today at the gallery “Chiisai Me.”
The photos were taken by Kentaro Washi who has been an active volunteer at ARK.

Just as the title suggests, it seems as if one can almost hear the dogs barking and feel their emotion. Many of the visitors said just this.
Many people who have adopted animals from us came to see us. We very were delighted that people brought their dogs and their photos to show us and to tell us how happy they have been together. Indeed it was a treat for us.

The gallery “Chiisai Me” was designed by the famous architect, Tadao Ando. Not only the pictures, but also the stylish architecture is a must-see.

ARK postcards and photo books by Kyoko Harada will be available for purchase at the exhibition. We look forward to seeing you and your friends. Ms. Oliver will also make an appearance☆

May 8-10, 2009 (Friday through Sunday)
13:00 ~ 18:00 No admission fee (On the last day, the exhibition will close at 16:00)

“Gallery Chiisai Me”
4 minutes from Shukugawa Station on the Hankyu-Kobe line.

☆Cherry has been officially rehomed!
(Please click here for more info)にも追記)
Photos of Cherry are also on display at the exhibition ♪

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The continuing story of Cherry

The truth is…Cherry has a home on a trial basis!

The prospective adopter also adopted a Labrador Retriever named Boss who was introduced on this blog. Before that, they adopted a large mixed breed dog.

They knew about Cherry and understood that she can be aggressive toward other dogs, but they applied to adopt her. Cherry had long been labeled as “no good with other dogs.” When Cherry went to the prospective adopter’s house with a staff member, I had half given up, thinking, “This probably won’t work.” So when I heard the news, I was happy—so happy that I cried. That night, there was a phone call from the adopter saying, “The two dogs are playing together”! And was that the squeaking of a dog toy I heard over the phone?

Cherry, a dog who spent too much time at Ark, has expanded the possibilities of difficult-to-adopt dogs. She is a star of hope! She gives us staff courage and hope. I hope everything goes well for her!

We’ve received photos of a happy-looking Pipi-chan from her adopter♪

Toraji was rehomed, thanks to the Green Dog adoption fair♪

Rabie the rabbit was rehomed♪

★ Sunday May 24 is the Field Note Adoption Fair ★
Details will be announced in the news and events section as they are decided.
Tel: 0742-36-7227
Nara-shi, Shijo-oji 2-chome
Hours: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Closed Mondays

May 9, 2009 Update

Cherry’s rehoming is official!
We have received a photo of her with Boss.
They seem like companions of many years. Or maybe like a newly infatuated pair of lovers?

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