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More and More Happy News☆

With all of the rehoming of animals going on around here recently (that is, our animals getting adopted), I’ve been so happy I just want to jump up and down and shout, “It’s a miracle!”

Many of the cats at ARK have been here for many, many years, or are stuck in a cat enclosure way in the back where no one really notices them. Some don’t get along well with other cats, and so live in isolation in small enclosures, getting ill from pent-up stress.

But recently, animals who for various reasons we thought would have trouble finding an adopter have had great success and left ARK one after another. I’ve never been so happy!!♪♪♪

Of the animals I’ve introduced on this blog…


Tarquin is a rather delicate dog, but is having a great time living with a young husband and wife who understand his heart and spirit. They seem to be spending very happy days with each other.
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3/15 (Sun.) Adoption Fair ☆ Report

Momo was scouted out by the USJ dog show. She’s a little bit difficult to handle, so right now she’s being taken in on a trial basis. But I think she’ll definitely do a great job! (There are a number of dogs doing dog shows right now who originally came from ARK♪) In the event that she does come back to ARK, hey you out there! Adopt her☆
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Tiny Tim
He’s found a foster family. The staff is so thankful to the family who understands his “requirements” and has taken him in. They even said, “For 10 years old, he seems really young”!
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A father who came to our adoption fair showed interest in her, and at a later date, came to ARK with his whole family to meet her.
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3/15 (Sun.) Adoption Fair ☆ Report

But having said all that, there are still many new faces coming to ARK that we have to take care of, and lots more animals waiting to be adopted, with hardly an vacant enclosure to be seen…


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Mako-chin is a shy girl

Excuse me for showing only my paw pads the last time. I’m Mako.

I used to live with my mom Chappy, and with Big, but because new cats kept coming in, we had to give up our room. The staff managed to find a new room for us, where other cats like Rindo live. I am still so nervous in this new environment that I don’t have much of an appetite.

What? It’s good that I can’t eat because I’ve put on so much weight since I came to ARK? You’re so rude!

You’ve got a cat teaser? OK, I’ll let you tease me!
My specialty is catching mice and bugs. Don’t ever think I’m slow.

Hey, you’re better than I thought!

I want to snuggle up to people. I want them to play with me a lot. But everyone at ARK is so busy, they don’t pay much attention to me. It takes a bit of time for me to get into snuggling mode, and they don’t have time to wait for that. I know. I’m not the only cat at ARK, and I’m all right. I’ve been here for a long time.

Some volunteers are concerned about me and come to see me, but I’m shy. I hide and get all stiff, and I don’t know what to do. I want to have my own family like my big brother Kuro, but people don’t choose me because I can't get all friendly with new people very quickly. I hope I’ll meet someone who understands me and waits for me until I get used to the new environment. I can get along with other cats pretty well, too.

Do you want to know an insider story from ARK? (This is only between you and me. Keep it a secret and don’t tell them that I told you, OK?) Dogs and cats keep coming in and it’s hard to set up new rooms, so some cats live with ARK staff. Larry is one of them. If only he could find a good adopter…. I hear Larry has gotten over his constipation recently.

Here’s another insider story.
When a new cat comes in, he’s first taken into a room with double-doors, or the clinic, to get vaccinated and neutered. After ARK staff think they know a bit about his character, he’s taken to a cat house. However, all the cat houses are so full these days, this time we had to give up our room for new cats. The old room was outside with only one door which opens wide, so you can get outside pretty easily. ARK staff were always worried about the possibility that new cats, who are neither vaccinated nor neutered, who are still afraid and whose personality the staff still don’t really know, might escape from the enclosure.

Actually, Big and I managed to get out quite often when staff weren’t paying attention to us. But it was just a pastime for us and we would come back before long. Anyway, the cat house is easy to get away from if you want to. So staff, do your best not to lose us!

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Ozzie’s Educational Sleepover

He’s a fluffy white dog named Ozzie, who everyone would agree is cute. His cheerful and friendly disposition and appearance are typical of a Japanese dog. This is a picture of the 5-month-old puppy prince.

Ozzie is immensely strong-minded. He’s not very good at being around other dogs and is domineering toward humans too. At this stage, he doesn’t seriously bite, but when he doesn’t like something, he’ll yelp and press his teeth against you. If you’re deceived by his cute appearance and spoil him, he’ll turn into a problem dog and become too much to handle.

His various nicknames are “Bratty Ozzie,” “Tomboy Ozzie,” ”Pretentious Ozzie,” etc. How undignified!

It’s possible for people to teach dogs the rules of how to deal with people, but it’s very difficult to teach dogs about dog rules. That’s where our rehab team comes in! We set up a 4-night, 5-day short-term, educational sleepover at KK’s home.

The night we took him, he was surrounded by four of our large dogs and, as expected, he was freaked out, snarling inside his crate and refusing to come out. After maybe 30 minutes, he eased out of his crate and although still cautious and kept under a close watch, he began checking out the room. He slowly acclimatized and started to open up. He's not good with his greetings or being friendly to other dogs when he’s at ARK, but now we see that he can be a good boy if he tries!

When my husband returned home from work, Ozzie suddenly jumped up and barked a lot as if saying, “Hey! Who are you?!” (The master of this house). “You’re the lowly one. You need to greet ME!” I asked my husband to ignore Ozzie and take a bath before starting over. Afterwards, Ozzie quickly adjusted to my husband and was extremely affectionate. What an unpredictable dog.

By the next morning, it was as if he owned our place. He unleashed his domineering side to Kamome. He put his front leg on Kamome’s back, mounted him and bit Kamome’s front and back legs as he was trying to run away. Kamome weighs five times more than 10-kilo Ozzie, but is a bit of a wimp, which made it easy for Ozzie to take advantage. Ozzie was in dire need of attention, so he pulled the blanket off of my sleeping child and desperately tried moving the body with his front paw, but was unsuccessful. He’s selective about whom he chooses to play around with. As proof of that, he did not go anywhere near Koruri, the School Board Dog President.

Ozzie is powerful and has great endurance. While protecting his toys and food, he received strict educational supervision and scolding from my children if he went too far or didn’t act appropriately. When no one paid him any attention, he played alone, attacking his toys. Then suddenly his energy switch would turn off and he would fall asleep. What a selfish and insulting guy.

While in his cage, he’s rather quiet and he’s happy to stay home, locked up by himself. Even in the car, he was calm in his crate.

With screaming children playing around him, he wasn’t afraid or in attack mode - he just ignored them. His trademark white, fluffy coat and congeniality made him popular amongst the other mothers.

After all was said and done, Ozzie's 4-night, 5-day educational sleepover was finished. Hopefully he learned a little something and will be able to get along better with other dogs now…
After Ozzie left our home, our dogs seemed much calmer than usual.

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3/15 (Sun.) Adoption Fair☆Report

We had an adoption fair at "GREENDOG" on Sunday 15th March. Lots of people came and it was a very busy day. In fact, it was so busy that we were a little concerned about not being able to pay enough attention to details and accidentally causing inconvenience to the people who came.

Tarquin didn’t get sick in the car and was more relaxed at the event than we thought he would be. He did get a little nervous and barked a bit here and there, though he was curious about people and decided to get to know them. He would come up from behind to sniff around. We were able to see how he behaves outside of the ARK environment, and that helped us to understand him better. Tarquin is such a handsome dog, and he’ll be such a wonderful, relaxing guy to live with...

Lime and Karin were busy, happily playing. They were people's favorites.
Lime was able to find adopters, so as soon as they’ve made their preparations, they’ll come to pick him up.
Someone is also interested in adopting Karin, so that person will bring the whole family to ARK for a visit.

Chibika acted like her usual self, enjoying communicating both with people and other dogs in her kind, friendly way. It was lovely to watch her.

Natsu also came to the event. There was a request from some people who wanted to meet Natsu, so we decided to bring her at the last minute. The people who were interested in meeting her have a dog of their own, so it was a good chance for Natsu, who gets along well with other dogs. Their dog also got along well with Chibika, so they decided to visit ARK a couple more times to make their decision. We are looking forward to their next date ♪

These two are sponsor cats.
Twinkle was pretty relaxed right from the start, and her sponsor also came to see her. It was a noisy place, with lots of people and dogs, but Twinkle enjoyed herself as usual, being held and playing with toys by herself and with other people.
Piglet was sort of hiding on the cushion. We didn’t see Piglet and Twinkle playing around like they always do; Piglet just sat there patiently, and Twinkle would groom her from time to time to help her relax.

It was rather a stressful day for Piglet, but it was useful to let people know that even if they can’t take animals into their homes, they can still support them by becoming a sponsor. We hope more people will take an interest in becoming a sponsor.

This adoption event gave us an opportunity to meet lots of wonderful people who are interested in becoming adoptive families.
We want to thank everyone who came to meet our dogs and cats, all the ARK supporters, and everyone who’s interested in animal welfare. Thank you very much. We hope this day will bring more happiness to our animals and people.

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Kitty Paw Pads!

For all you cat pad maniacs! The long awaited 2nd part of our animal pad special!

Eh? You’re in charge today?? Why are you giving canned food only to Big? I want some too! Hey, you don’t have to clean the enclosure! Come and play with me!
Oh! Who’s that? What is a “prospective adopter”? I don’t want anyone I don’t know coming into my room. I’ll just hide.
I’m sorry I’m so shy. But I really want a family that will spoil me. This is me

I’ve had to say goodbye to one friend after another from my room when they find new families. Even when a new cat comes to my room, no matter how old they are, I always welcome them. I’m not very good at presenting myself to prospective adopters so as a result, I’ve been at ARK for 7 years now. This is me!

I’m going to Tokyo! A foster family will take care of me until I find a permanent adoptive family. I’m going to practice how to live well with people and then find my own family!

I’m going to Tokyo, too! Everybody at ARK is too busy to play with me so I’m bored. I’m going to have fun playing and being spoiled by my foster family!
This is who we are…

メミナ3 リョウト2_1
We are Memina (left) and Ryoto (right)!

I’m really agile and great at chasing after my toys, so the staff suspect that I might actually be able to see! But even if I can’t, who cares! I have no problems because I can hear and smell everything, and use my super sensitive whiskers too! I have a great sixth sense! I don’t feel handicapped at all.

One day, a staff member realized I was different from the other cats…
I was a small kitten, and the staff watched over me with faint hope and uneasiness, hoping that I would get better as I grew. I’m still wobbly when I walk but I enjoy my life and I can play and eat just as much as any other cat!
This is who we are

トゥウィンクル2_1 ピグレット2_1
We are Twinkle (left) and Piglet (right)!
We are sponsor cats and best buddies. If you’d like a cat but can’t have one, and if you want us, even with our disabilities, to live fulfilling lives, please become a sponsor.
We’re always in the office so please come and visit us!
We’re going to participate in the next adoption event. We’re looking forward to our trip to Kobe!

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BJ Treasures Each Day

His name is Black Jack. We call him B.J.

B.J. is so afraid of thunder that he goes into a panic. We are told he escaped many times from his former owner’s house. When he first came to ARK, he didn’t settle in to the new environment, and he cried and scratched at walls and fences until his claws were bloody, chewed until his mouth was bloody, and was generally destructive. When he was moved to a new place, the change in environment excited him and he destroyed things in his attempts to escape.

Perhaps his worn down teeth are evidence that he’s been like that for a long time.

Now he’s living in a very small enclosure.

He would destroy our existing dog runs, and try running away, possibly hurting himself, so this is a dog run we built to be B.J.-resistant. We’re always short on space at ARK, so it’s the smallest possible size. When it rains, there’s nothing for him to do but hide and sleep somewhere in his dog house. The enclosure is built of strong steel pipes that he can’t destroy, and people and dogs are always walking by, so it’s hard for him to relax.

At first he would go on rampages even in the new enclosure: he chewed on the pipes to get out and kept making a high-pitched squealing sound. A couple of times, he escaped when someone opened the door. But we don’t have any other suitable space to give him, so we have to keep him shut up in there except for his morning and evening walks.

Lately, he seems to have given up or gotten used to it, and has calmed down. Sometimes he even stays quiet when there is thunder. At other times, although there is no sign of thunder, he gets excited and barks, wanting to get out.

BJ8.jpg BJ8_2.jpgBJ8_1.jpgBJ7.jpg
B.J. loves walks. He has a joyful expression and walks as if he’s skipping. He invites us to play, and although he’s an old dog, his innocent romping is very cute. Sometimes it’s sad when he resists going back into his run after a walk…

Sorry, B.J.
We hope that you will be adopted and spend the rest of your life in peace and tranquility.

But we’re sorry, B.J.
It’s hard to introduce you to adopters when uncertainty makes you panic and you might destroy things in their house.

Sorry, B.J.
But we know you are a sweet boy and not shy and you love people, and you can stay calm in thunderstorms if someone is with you.

B.J. is an old dog and doesn’t have that much time, but we mustn’t give up. We have to protect him until he can find a new home.

B.J., I want to make your day better today by letting you out of your enclosure for a longer walk, even if it’s just a little bit longer. Let’s take a break, walking as we please through the sun and the shade of the trees, smelling the earth and the grass.

Oh, you want me to scratch your butt? Okay, I’ll scratch it as much as you want. Oh, now you want me to scratch your neck? Okay, okay, I’ll scratch it until you want me to stop.

I’m sorry I can’t spend more of this sort of time with you, B.J. I’ll ask the volunteers to spend time with you when we can’t. I hope we can give you a little bit of happiness each day.

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