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Puppy Paw Pads!

The undeniable, universal truth about all dog lovers is that they are hard-core paw pad enthusiasts.
We’d like to pay due respect to this fact by bringing you a collection of some of the wonderful paw pads here at ARK.

Who am I?
I am little and I love to be held. But if you’re a stranger outside my fence I will bark at you, and if you come inside my kennel all I want to do is hide. I just need a little time to work up some courage! My kid sister Chibika is more outgoing than me. Maybe I could get some tips from her.

Who am I?
I’m curly right down to the hair on my paws. I love getting groomed and when I see my groomer I get so excited! When I’m not getting my beauty treatment, I enjoy working on my toy collection. You know, it would be so much fun to live with a sweet, loving guy like me!

Who am I?
If you want a high-five, just come find me and my sister! We’ve gotten over our excessive barking habit now and hang out in our kennel in front of the ARK office. We’d love you to stop by!

Who am I?
I’ve done a homestay at KK’s house before. I’ve heard that when you get adopted, that wonderful feeling of being a part of a family lasts forever! It also means I get to sleep inside the house every night, right? Oh, I can’t wait until that day comes for me!

Who am I?
I have some news: I’ve moved! I don’t have to get all stressed out now from my canine companions walking about in front of my kennel, and I’m enjoying finding sunny spots to doze off in. I have to make sure I don’t relax so much that I lose my figure! Happy Go Lucky☆

Who am I?
Everyone is impressed by how much energy I have, but it’s only because I love playing with my doggie friends so much! When I’m around people my favorite thing to do is to cuddle and fall asleep on their laps.
Who could it be, you say? The one and only…

powバウンティ3_2 …me,Bounty!

Who am I?
I’ve just finished my homestay at KK’s house. I’ve got my pee-pee problem under control and am eating regular food and leading a regular life! I’m all ready for my new home! Come visit me so I can introduce myself to you like this…

powヒノ1_1 …Hi, I’m Hino!

Who am I?
I get along great with my canine pals but I don’t know what to do when I’m around humans. But everyone’s been so nice to me that I’m beginning to really like many of them. I still have to take my time figuring people out, but I’d really like to meet my very own family who will give me that time, so I can give them all my love in return.

I’m Hatena, nice to meet you! I’m still a puppy so I have lots of time to learn a lot. The staff are always encouraging me so that I can start trusting humans soon.

After documenting the many paw pads of the ARK dogs, that very particular doggie paw scent lingers on KK’s hands.
All dog lovers know exactly what I’m talking about! Don’t you want to experience it, too? It’s a 24-hour paw pad sniff-fest at ARK, and you know where to find us!

The title of this entry is “Puppy Paw Pads!”… so that means…?
You’ll have to wait and see! ♪

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Happy Go Lucky (Knorr)


I’m Knorr. My real name is Happy Go Lucky, but everybody calls me Knorr. How come?

I’m living with a shy girl, Maru, who’s participated in some adoption events.
(Here are the links to the reports of the adoption events that Maru went to)
19Oct2008 FieldNote Adoption event report
23Nov2008 GreenDog Adoption event report

Our favorite things are toys, meals and walks. Maru is afraid of new people and new places.
I’m not like Maru; I’m not shy, and I have nothing to be afraid of♪
Staff members say I sometimes bark at other dogs and pull a bit too hard on my leash… What are they talking about?

Hey, KK, what’s that?
What are you hiding?

Oh! You wanna play tug!!

I can pull harder!

I’ll do it, too! Count me in!

I’m playing.
Hey! You get away!

We weren’t fighting. That was pro-wrestling. We’re so young that we play rough. We even drink water together occasionally.

Oh, that guy!!

Everybody goes past the front of my kennel without asking me, so I have to bark at them until they leave. I can’t concentrate on playing because I have to keep my eye on them.

I can’t gain any weight though I eat a lot and this is what the staff members are worried about. Don’t blame me: I have a lot of things to do. There is no time to sleep peacefully and get fat.

But you know, I’ve heard that if I’m adopted by a nice family, I won’t need to play guard dog anymore. I’ll only have to eat, sleep and play with the family, that’s all. I have a feeling such a life would be wonderful for me…

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Rindo, a truly cat-like cat.

One autumn morning seven years ago, a cardboard box was left in front of ARK. Inside were five kittens about four months old. Rindo was one of them.

Four of the five kittens found adopters, but Rindo has remained at ARK. They say he was the one who scared easiest, but seven years later, the grown-up Rindo is not at all a chicken. He’s calm, humble, and very cat-like.

Rindo never approaches people when they visit. When his name is called, he acts like he hadn’t noticed anyone was there. He looks at them as if to say, “Oh, you were here? I didn’t know.” Yes, Rindo is well-mannered. He doesn’t forget, a few seconds after hearing his name called, to reply with a nice “Meow.”

He wasn’t a cuddly cat when I started working at ARK five years ago, but recently he’s started to snuggle up to me, stepping in my way when I’m cleaning up, and wriggling his forepaws in acknowledgement that I’ve called his name.

Rindo is a great, calm, modest, and cuddly cat. Why hasn’t he found adopter, but lived at ARK all this time? He may not be the kind of cat who gets used to a new environment quickly, yet I really hope that he soon meets an adopter who understands and takes him as he is.

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2/1 (Sun.) Adoption Fair☆Report

Here’s an update from one of our staff who participated in the )GREENDOG adoption fair on Sunday, February 1st.


Visitors to the GREENDOG adoption fair took a look around at our photo exhibition.

We received one request to adopt a cat and it looked as if Santa would find a new home, but the potential adopter is going to give it a little more thought. We hope that, whatever cat is chosen, at least one will be adopted.

Santa wasn’t timid at all in the new place and was playing by himself. The only time he would hide was when Bountysometimes barked at him. But when called, Santa would quickly come out of hiding and play again. Sometimes he would stick his paw through the fence to play with the dogs or watch other dogs playing. He’s a cutie.

Aira was very friendly to the visitors and seemed happy to receive lots of caresses from everyone. She was running around with the puppies and playing with them. Although Aira needs to work on her social skills a bit, the spacious area allowed her to run away when she felt like it or take the initiative to go find a playmate. For Aira, this was a valuable experience.

Goldie would wander around to look for someone who might pet her, while keeping an eye on the puppies.

Zodiac played with the puppies, got lots of caresses and enjoyed the day, but there was one problem. He would protect toys that he wasn’t even interested in playing with, and growl at or chase away other animals who might come close to those toys. He has no problem with people taking his toys, but he’ll have to learn to share!

Brutus and Bounty, the duo of two white puppies, had such fun playing together all day long, but they were out of energy by the end of the day. Both were fast asleep during the car ride back.

The adopters of recently rehomed dachshund Sakura-chan, terrier mix Shiro-chan and Riki-kun paid us a visit too. On the way back, we stopped by Jiro-kun’s new home (his name was Bounty at ARK) to collect some items for donation and were able to reunite briefly with a very healthy, happy Jiro-kun.

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Sadness Continues…

Sponsor Cat “Mikan”.
He is a 17-year-old grandpa cat.

He was rehomed a long time ago but was returned to ARK, so he’s been a resident for a very long time. When he lost one eye in a fight with a fellow ARK cat, he handled it fine, but since he fell ill in this winter’s cold weather, he had not been doing so well. It had been a while since I saw Mikan, and when I did, I was sad to see that he couldn’t make a sound and his belly was inflated with the effort of trying to breathe through his mouth. A little wheeze came from his throat every time he breathed. He is such an affectionate cat; he loves to rub against you and purr, but he gets tired easily and he gets dizzy. Our vet told us that because he has nasal congestion from the cold, he tries to breathe through his mouth and his stomach fills with air. He stared into the empty air and I sat feeling uneasy , “He’s such an old cat, maybe his time is near.” Negative thoughts crossed my mind.

One of our staff could not bear such a sad sight anymore – he didn’t have much longer to live, and she wanted him to experience what it was like to be a cat with his own warm, relaxing home. She offered to take him home with her temporarily.

Mikan was very happy in her home. However, the medication didn’t help him much, and it seemed that recovery was not on the cards for him. When he is petted he gets so happy and excited, it makes him out of breath and knocks him down. He had almost no appetite, so she tried to force feed him so he wouldn’t starve to death.

But then again she thought, “What if this is not only due to his cold? This will only make him suffer and he may pass away all of a sudden … What if I come home from work and he is all by himself completely cold….? I will regret this.”

After discussing it with other staff, we decided to stop force feeding Mikan and let him eat whatever he wanted regardless of how good/bad/salty it may be, and to let him spend his time as he wished. From sashimi to shirasu, yakitori to chicken breasts and traditional cat food “neko manma”, we tried to feed him lots of different things, served in different ways. The staff member who became Mikan’s last mom gave him a lot of love, but still he did not eat, and he became weaker and weaker. He seemed to struggle to breathe, but he remained cheerful.

We made our decision. Mikan went to rest forever in his last mom’s arms. Perhaps our decision was taken too soon or perhaps it was too late, prolonging his suffering. If he was a cat with his own home, so much could have been done for him. But for animals at a shelter, the options are very limited. There are so many of them that it’s impossible to care for each animal as if they were in their own home, and we feel very guilty about that, as well as angry at those who abandon animals.

Sponsor dog Pero also went off to his journey over the rainbow.

It happened unexpectedly. The cause of his death was gastric volvulus, which larger breeds are more susceptible to as they age. For an old dog like him, life in an outside dog run in the winter may have been taking its toll on him. Pero also had a chronic condition in his thyroid, and he passed away during an emergency operation.

14 years has passed since the Hanshin earthquake catastrophe, and many animals here at ARK are also reaching their old age. Those who have been here at ARK for a very long time are becoming ill or dying, and we can’t find warm housing and an individual, caring home for each of them….

We all know that animals age quicker than humans, but seeing the reality in which our babies become old and weak it is quite shocking.

So many other things have happened that are not written about in this blog. This winter has been an extremely difficult time and we have faced one sad thing after another. Starting with Midori, we’ve had so much sad news and we’re sorry for the readers that we haven’t been able to bring you more cheerful news.

However, we do have some happy news.

Daisuke, one of the dogs from a group that had belonged to a homeless guy living in a park, was rehomed. ♪ He was an energetic big dog, and so did not have much luck in finding a home before, but he has finally found happiness.

Napi, one of the 、32 breeding dogs, also has gotten lucky. ♪ Napi suffers from impaired sight, and her tiny, tiny eyes can barely see. She is such a good dog, but her handicap was preventing her from finding a home, until now.
Congratulations to both!

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