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2/1 (Sun.) Adoption Fair ☆ Notice

Come on down to our Sunday, Feb. 1 adoption fair at GREEN DOG in Kobe! People interested in ARK’s activities, those looking for an animal to become a member of the family, anyone who can’t make it to ARK’s shelter in Nose – please come visit us in Kobe!

“Tomorrow we’ll all be waiting for you~♪”
(Click on the animal’s name to jump to their profile page)

“Play with me!” Naughty guy Santa

A dachshund mix. Her small size and unique looks are sure to please! Aira

“Oh please. ‘Sit’ is as easy as cake for me!” Smart and well-behaved Zodiac 6 months old

Brutus (the white puppy on the right) Brutus’s sister 、Bounty will also be there.
They are both only 3 months old, really cute and full of energy. They’ve already learned “Sit” and “Stay”, now they’re working on “Lie down”!

Oh, Goldilocks is coming too!


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Chip & Marimo ☆ Rehomed


These are the two rabbits that will be going on a trip to their new adopter’s home tomorrow – Chip and Marimo. Finally, finally, their chance has come.

The staff at ARK would like to truly thank the new family for having the courage to adopt rabbits from an animal shelter and for taking the rabbits in as their own.

Starting tomorrow, the two of you will be able to sleep in a nice warm house. Let’s hope a chance comes along for our other rabbits!

Monday, January 26, 2009  -Chip: Afterword-

We were planning on having a happy rehoming of the two rabbits together, but unfortunately we were suddenly able to only rehome Marimo. I wanted to let you know what happened.

Just after the adopters had set off for home in their car with the two rabbits, Chip began to panic inside the carrier he was being transported in. Because of this sudden wildness, Chip’s eyes were really bulging, and so the car had to turn around and bring Chip back to ARK, leaving once again with only Marimo.

Chip has now returned to a relaxed state and seems healthy and full of appetite. Although the rabbit’s eyes are still protruding a bit, blinking is fine and there is no sign of injury. Chip was seen by a vet at ARK, but should any surgical treatment become necessary, we’ll have to go to an animal hospital. But for Chip, riding in a car is risky thing to do. So all we can do is hope Chip’s condition settles down.

Rabbits are quite delicate creatures, aren’t they. I have no doubt that rehoming would still be the best thing to happen, but seeing cases like this, I feel a bit vexed.

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Micky the Beagle

Micky was rescued after being found wandering. He was neutered while still under the care of his rescuer, and then was sent to a training school, where he was praised for being a “bright dog”.

Since coming to ARK, Micky has been getting training from Ms. Tsuda, the KenKenClub instructor. Recently, I got the chance to go for a walk with Ms. Tsuda and Micky.

Just by looking at Micky, you can tell he’s a clever, witty, and good dog at heart, but he’s also a bit sensitive and nervous, so he’s not finding it easy to get used to all the over-stimulation at ARK. He’s always tense and has lost weight as a result.
It’s understandable: from morning to night, he has to listen to all kinds of barking, and watch as all types of dogs and people pass by his enclosure, so he doesn’t have time to relax. At one point, after successful negotiations, he was adopted, but Micky and the adopter turned out to be incompatible, so Micky returned to ARK.

This is a dog that gets excited, so when he sees other dogs, “Woof Woof Woof!” – he barks. Once he starts yapping away, he gets more and more excited, and sooner or later can’t remember why he was barking in the first place. Even when he can no longer see the dog, “Woof Woof Woof don’t know why but Woof Woof Woof!”. During walks, he pulls on the lead hard, so even if we call his name, Micky shows no consideration to the human on the other side of the lead. And he sniffs all the smells here and there, his excitement growing all the while.

Micky makes a fuss when he meets other dogs during his walk, which wears him out completely. It’s no fun at all. It’s quite sad to see Micky in such a state. We know that the real Micky isn’t like this, but we haven’t found any good way of lessening his stress. We’re always limited by time, ARK’s environment, and our own abilities. (I’m disappointed by my own inexperience and insufficient effort sometimes…)

Since we changed Micky’s enclosure and starting the training with Ms. Tsuda, he has become a much better boy. Ms. Tsuda also really appreciates Micky’s character.

Even when Micky is walked on a long lead, he walks no farther than a certain distance from her, and comes running to her when she calls.

Micky then sits with a look of happiness on his face!

I finally got to see Micky for the first time in ages when I accompanied him and Ms. Tsuda on the walk. It was clear from his physical appearance that his stress levels had decreased since the last time I saw him. Moving his doghouse was probably a factor in his being able to calm down, as he has also put on weight. The only thing that’s left is to find a good home for Micky!

Micky is a dog who loves humans and is very sweet, so he feels how hard we are working, and he sees the goals we have for him. Micky would really love to meet his family and would like them to hurry over to ARK to see him!

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New Year’s at ARK

Happy New Year.
My name’s Gacchan. Nice to meet you♪
When you come to ARK this year, make sure to pay me a visit and play for a while.

Today is New Year’s Day, so Ms. Oliver told all the staff at the morning meeting that they could go home early. (Yeah, that’s right, I attend the morning meetings too!) But something or other is always happening at ARK, so even if you want to go home early, you can’t necessarily do so. Well, anyway, it looks like everyone was able to go home at least a little earlier than usual today.

Even though it’s New Year’s Day, we still had some people come and volunteer as dog walkers. At the end of the year, we actually had lots of people come to volunteer. I’m very thankful for that. I got a lot of love and attention from them so I’ve been feeling very satisfied.

And we got a lot of New Year’s cards. The staff always looks forward to seeing New Year’s cards with pictures of animals that have been rehomed. Today during the afternoon break, I heard lots of happy voices, more so than usual. But the reason for all the smiles wasn’t just the New Year’s cards – sometimes candy is sent to the staff too. Having to work on New Year’s means it doesn’t really feel like New Year’s that much, but everyone still really enjoys it!

Even though we’re already so happy to be receiving gifts for the animals, we can’t believe how nice people are to send the staff extra little sweets to brighten their day. On the days we find candy tucked inside an envelope, I think everyone does their work a little more happily and with a bigger smile.

Is it selfish of us to be so pleased we got candy?

So that’s what it’s like at ARK right now. We always appreciate the support we receive from everyone.

This is Gacchan, signing off, as ARK’s representative for the New Year!

Saturday, January 3

Today Pi-ko and Mya-chan were rehomed!
The staff would like to thank the families that came to visit during New Year’s and adopted. For Pi-ko, for Mya-chan, and for all the ARK staff, this is the best New Year’s present we could ask for. It was a good omen and wonderful start to 2009.

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Also at the end of the year, Yukie was rehomed, and today we received family photos from the adopters. The adoption was just a few days ago, but Yukie already looks like a long-time member of the family, content and at home. I’m so happy!!

I hope we continue finding more homes for more animals this year!

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