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Hino-chan’s Test Results

Today was the first day snow fell and piled up at ARK.
It was quite a whirlwind of weather today from winds blowing the snow around and turning everything in sight white, to the sun shining down on us. Fortunately, not a lot of snow piled up and we were able to get through the day with no problems.

Today was the first day snow fell and piled up at ARK.
It was quite a whirlwind of weather today from winds blowing the snow around and turning everything in sight white, to the sun shining down on us. Fortunately, not a lot of snow piled up and we were able to get through the day with no problems.

So let me get on to the main reason for this entry: the results of Hino-chan’s urine tests.
The struvite crystals are gone and his PH balance is normal. Hino-chan is in good health!
Aside from giving prescription food, below is what I found to be helpful in preventing struvite:

 Increasing water intake by adding water to his dry food
 Lowering his stress levels and giving him lots of exercise
 Giving him large amounts of Vitamin C (I used supplements intended for people)
 Giving him methionine (supplements that contain methionine, which is an amino acid)
(As for food, I gave him 10g/time of sanma (mackerel pike) or raw meat. Bones contain calcium and are alkaline so I didn’t allow him to eat bones.)

It’s not really my place to say, but as dogs are meat eaters, it doesn’t seem strange to me that they can become sick from eating prescription or regular dog food that contains mainly grains. Just like human food, dog food can also contain harmful substances, so it is the owner’s responsibility to feed his/her pet safe food. It is a given that humans and dogs should not eat dangerous foods, but of course food labels are not going to say “There’s lots of carcinogens in this product” or tell us if the food is dangerous. Consumers simply have to use their heads when choosing food.

Dogs that are continuously tied to a rope in the garden and taken for a walk just to go pee, dogs who bark at people and other dogs passing by, and overweight dogs, they are all susceptible to struvite because they are stressed or lacking enough exercise.

Even though I tried the dog food brand California Natural, Hino-chan’s PH balance did not drop. I worried about this until I started giving him methionine supplements. Within a few days, his PH balance was normal. I thought about continuing to give him California Natural while he stayed at my house but other foods seem to be ok. Of course homemade food is also fine, so I don’t think the family who adopts him will have to worry about what to feed him.

Many thanks to all who donated food for Hino-chan. I really appreciated it!
Hey, Hino-chan, say thank you!

Oh yeah, it’s the New Year holiday from tomorrow, but maybe somebody will be interested in meeting Hino-chan so I will take him to work with me!


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Lila the Fluffy Black Cat

コピー (1) ~ リラ1
I don’t know what the circumstances were, but one day Lila’s owner suddenly vanished and left this fluffy black cat behind.

At first Lila was overtly wary of humans. She hissed and if you tried to touch her she batted your hand away! She seemed to be having a hard time adjusting to the sudden change that had befallen her.

コピー (1) ~ リラ3
She loves to play with other cats, so when we put her in the same room as the kittens, she had a great time. But because she didn’t like people and wouldn’t let them touch her, when we needed her to go into her cage we had to chase her, and her health checks were similarly difficult. When we entered her run to care for her, she would stare warily at us from the farthest corner.

However, Lila is getting much more comfortable around humans now.
She lets us hold her, she tries to get our attention, and if someone she doesn’t know enters her cat run, she doesn’t hide, and after a bit she even relaxes as if nothing unusual has happened. Perhaps her large appetite is also a sign of our success in socializing her.

She loves other cats, but older cats are annoyed by her rambunctious play, so she is better suited to living with active, friendly cats of her own age. We are trying to communicate with her a lot as we care for her, so that she will become accustomed to a new owner as fast as possible even if there are no other cats.

Today too I hope to deepen my relationship with Lila.

Lila the Fluffy Black Cat

Hey, Puck!
Don’t get in the way when I’m trying to get closer to Lila…

Maybe it was good for Lila to live with the personable kittens.

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Thanks for the clothes!

To everyone who sent in clothes for our dogs: thank you! Because of you, I’m sure we’ll be able to make it through Nose’s rough winter, and going on walks is going to be a lot more fun.


Since we’ve received so much cute clothing, some of the women on the staff are looking forward to choosing designs that match the character of each animal♪

Thank you so much!!

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(We appreciate your continued support in providing warm winter clothes for our medium- and large-sized dogs

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Rest in Peace, Midori

Midori, who was supported by many wonderful sponsors, passed away on December 4th 2008.

chew up her paralyzed hind legs. She had to wear an Elizabeth collar constantly and had to receive antibiotic injections. In these conditions, we could no longer say that her quality of life was being maintained. After careful discussions with the vet, we decided the best thing for her would be to put her to sleep.

Midori was one of the feral cats in our care. However because of her friendly nature, we believe she had been a pet at one point. Unfortunately there were numerous cases of animal abuse in the area where she was living, and her trust in humans made her a victim. When she came to ARK her hind legs were badly damaged, and yet she would still purr affectionately at everyone.

Due to the paralysis of the lower half of her body, Midori needed to have forced urination several times a day. She also was infected with FIV (feline AIDS). For these reasons, we considered putting her to sleep when we rescued her. However, we felt that with Midori’s sweet and charming personality there was still a chance that she would be adopted, and so we searched for a new home for her while trying to make sure that she was as comfortable as possible. We did get a number of inquiries and went as far as a trial day for Midori and her potential adopters, but her potential adopters were uneasy with her uncontrollable urination and the process of forced urination. In the end we were unable to find her a new family.

Midori was truly a sweet, affectionate girl and was popular among the staff. We talked a countless number of times before coming to this decision. We ask for your understanding and thank you for supporting and loving Midori. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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Hino-chan’s Tour of the Vet’s Office

Today, Hino-chan accompanied the new member of our family, Kamome, to the vet’s office. In order for him to feel comfortable at the vet – as he will have to go to the vet after finding a family - we decided to let him experience the vet’s office for the first time.

I went together with my husband, so although we would have been fine bringing them in one at a time, it was really hard to manage the two of them. Being scared has a synergetic effect on them, and their bodies shook as they walked through the entrance. Luckily, there were no other animals there, so they were able to slowly make their way to the waiting room.

Hino-chan, you’re sitting on a chair! You got used to the vet’s office very quickly!

If you really were a scaredy-cat, you would have hidden under a chair or panicked and tried to run away…right??
Hino-chan ate lots of food samples that were in the waiting room. (Kamome was so nervous he didn’t eat anything.)

The vet allowed Hino-chan to come inside the examination room. Hino-chan sat patiently watching everything that happened. And so his visit to the vet’s office ended. He was cool from beginning to end. His adoptive family should have no problems when taking him to the vet.

Hino-chan at my house
Hino-chan seems to be scared of the ironing board so when I’m ironing he runs to his cage, but for some reason he doesn’t mind the vacuum cleaner. Aren’t dogs usually scared of vacuum cleaners? He doesn’t get excited when I clean; he just follows me around the house and watches me.
What the heck is so interesting about the vacuuming? The noisiness? Okay but you’re in the way.

Hino-chan has been at my house for over a month.
I can feel that he is closer to us now. Even when nothing is happening, he happily walks up to us for a petting. He even lets us kiss him. It may sound trivial, but for a stray dog like Hino-chan, this is a big step.

Hino-chan’s profile is up on the “Itsudemo Satooya Bosyutyu ”(Japanese Only), but so far nobody has requested to meet him. I guess during the busy days at the end of the year nobody is thinking about adopting a dog. Looks like you’ll be ringing in the new year at my house, Hino-chan. I wonder when you’ll find a home?

We have to do some more urine tests at ARK for Hino-chan. I hope there is no sign of struvite crystals…

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Play with Kitties!

The end of the year is approaching rapidly.

Everyone is busy during this season, meaning that the number of visitors to ARK and prospective adopters really drops. And during the coming winter months, with their freezing chill and heavy snowfall, the number of animals who get rehomed is also likely to fall. Yup, ARK’s winter is really harsh, and for just that reason we’d like to find our animals a nice, warm new home as soon as possible.

But our cats, completely oblivious to this situation, spent today relaxing in the sunlight.

Since the mornings and evenings are getting more and more chilly, the cats take advantage of the remaining sunny days by sunbathing. But, hey now, if all you guys do is sleep and get no exercise, you’re all gonna get fat. So let’s play! ♪

Fishing for Kitties

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