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Please stay close to me

One of our staff members, who has been taking care of Cherry for a long time, asked me to feature her on the blog, and took the time to put together some notes and photographs about her (along with Tomokichi).

It was seven years ago that Cherry, whose owners were living in an apartment, came to ARK due to “family issues”. She was one and a half years old. Cherry is a cute, cheery Lab mix who loves to play with people. She can sit, shake, wait, lay down, and fetch. Why is it that a smart, playful dog like Cherry has yet to find a foster home?

Cherry pulls hard on the leash when she walks, and barks at other dogs that she meets. That’s why it has been difficult to recommend her to potential adopters. If only she could settle down with her own loving family, I’m sure she would be freed from her pent-up stress and be a good, calm girl. When I bait her with treats, she really concentrates and stops barking and pulling on her walks.

Cherry has a habit of obsessively licking her hind leg to the point that it has become a sore. We think it’s her way of dealing with the loneliness she feels. The small amount of time that we can spend with Cherry isn’t enough, and this breaks our hearts.

Even if they can’t adopt her, the volunteers who come and spend time with Cherry greatly improve her quality of life.

Cherry has been waiting seven years for her new foster family, and there is no guarantee that she will find one anytime soon. Yet we believe that there is a family out there for her. We want to give her that chance.


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Momi-chan, haven’t you outgrown milk?

Momiji was picked up after being abandoned in a cardboard box in a field.
The person who picked her up came to see her today, and walked dogs for us from morning to evening. They were surprised and happy at how big she’s grown.

Momi-chan is getting too old for milk. Are you still drinking that?
But I know the real reason Momi-chan can’t give up milk.

Because the sight of her drinking milk is so cute, when she says “I don’t want food, give me milk!” the staff just can’t help but give in. The ones who can’t give up milk are the staff.
I understood once I saw it myself. I mean, she’s just so cute, of course you want to give it to her.

It’s also unbearably cute how her ears flick with each suck. She seems to be saying “Yummy, yummy” while drinking, and when she finishes, “Huh? It stopped, is there no more?” ♪

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10/19 Field Note Adoption Fair☆Report

Pardon my lateness!
On October 19 (Sunday) we held an adoption fair at Field Note in Nara.

The participating dogs that day were Natsu, Nozomi, Chobi, Maru, Zinc, Zilla, Dream, Vaica, and Embla, all nine of them. (I’m Magic was supposed to attend as well but found an adopter the previous day!)

Due to an elementary mistake on my part, my digital camera’s battery ran out early in the event. People who were there that day, if you uploaded pictures to your own blog or webpage, could you leave a link in the comments? I’d like to get pictures and reports from other perspectives, not just my own, if possible. (Though it’s a bit selfish of me, sorry…)

081019fildnote3_1.jpgDream is usually a little withdrawn, but was very mellow after being cuddled by loads of people.
Embla usually barks a lot and is a bit of a scaredycat at ARK, but she seemed to have fun getting attention from everyone and didn’t bark much. She was also told “You’re cuter than your picture!” ♪

081019fildnote11_1.jpgVaica was popular with the guests and didn’t cause any problems with the other dogs. Maru-kun also did a good job!

At what, you say? Maru-kun is easily frightened, but even in a new place surrounded by people he didn’t panic and had a fun time with the other dogs. This picture is from shortly after we arrived. A baby innocently came up to him, and he was bewildered and a little tense but otherwise didn’t react.

Even though he was full of tension, he always ate doggie snacks given to him by strangers. He is the sort of dog who, even if he’s scared, will perform a flawless “sit” if he wants the food.

In the end, he shamelessly used a guest’s hand as a pillow. If anyone is taken in by Maru-kun’s charms, please apply to adopt him!

Zinc was adopted!

He will be taken home as soon as they have made preparations for him. Right now he is continuing his training while staying at KK’s house. He’ll have a new mom and dad and two older brothers. And guess what: he doesn’t cry out any more when left in a cage, and his toilet training is now pretty much perfect!

Zilla also did his best to appeal to adopters, but I’ll have to teach him that when pushing doesn’t get you anywhere, sometimes you have to pull.

These are adopters and their dogs who always come to support us at events at Field Note. Elly-chan (left) was rehomed nine years ago and Kurumi-chan (right) last year. I wonder if they’ll come to the reunion this year too?

Wakame-chan (now known as Anko-chan), who accomplished a miraculous rehoming at the spring adoption fair, also showed up. The photo on the left is from spring and the one on the right was taken this time. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but her legs had grown so long that instead of saying “You got big!” I said “You got long and skinny!”

The white dog on the left is Pipit-chan, who was handed over to her adopter that day. She’s saying hello to Jolly-kun, who’s an ARK graduate who came to play.

In addition, Whis-kun’s family, Gin-chan and Flounder’s adopters, volunteers, and many people who support ARK from day to day also came. There were several applications for adoption, and new meetings that can be expected to develop into something wonderful.

ARK exists thanks to everyone’s support. We are always filled with gratitude. Many thanks also to Field Note. We are grateful to them for sharing plans and space, donating resources and time, and taking such good care of our staff. (The cake, crepes, and sandwiches were delicious!)

(Ah! Did you notice… there are no pictures of Chobi or Zilla? That’s because…my digital camera battery…)

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Adoption Fair☆Bulletin

☆☆☆   Autumn ARK Adoption Fair in Nara   ☆☆☆
For details on the place and time, etc., check here!

Participating dogs have been decided♪ (Cats can be seen on the photo display only)

Chobi ♂ 9 years old
I’ve talked about him before on ARK Tails:
Chobi-kun's Story
Chobi in Action

Maru ♂ 1 year old
He’s a little shy, but with other dogs, he’s as friendly as can be. He’s coming out to the adoption fair to get some socialization training and to look for an adopter who will be understanding of his timidity. Maru-kun loves to eat, so the perfect trick for making friends with him is to gently, quietly hold out a snack to him and wait for him to come to you.

Nozomi ♀ 8 years old
Nozomi was adopted a few years ago, but she ended up coming back to ARK. So we’d like to find her a family again where she can enjoy her days sleeping and relaxing in a warm home. She’s very sweet and calm.

Natsu ♀ 2 years old
This is Natsu from Natsu and Pi-ko.

Embla (?) ♀ 2~5 years old

Vaica ♀ 2~5 years old (?)

I’m Magic ♀ over 7 years old (?)
Embla, Vaica, and I’m Magic are from the Large-scale rescue: 32 dogs used as business tools.

Zinc ♂ 2½ months old
Someone’s pet dog had puppies, but the puppies were dumped.
(Zinc is a timid guy. Starting today he will be held prisoner at KK’s house until his behavior improves! ♪)

Zilla ♀ 2½ months old
Zilla is Zinc’s sister.

Today I took a walk with all the participating dogs.

It’s not easy deciding which animals will get to come to our adoption fairs. For the most part, they all live in different enclosures, so they are acquainted with each other. So beforehand, we make sure to take them all on a walk together to check if they’ll be able to get along on the day of the fair. Apart from their compatibility, we’re also looking to see if they bring out each other’s good points, keep each other energetic, and so forth. Only after that does the staff get together and make a decision. But often we are forced to change the troupe members because one has gotten sick. Hopefully this time everyone will be able to go!!

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Fluffy-Heart, Fluffy-Body Tomokichi-kun

Tomokichi-kun was rescued after being found collapsed in the street. He was all skin and bones, and suffering from severe anemia. He did seem used to people though, so we guess he was probably being taken care of by someone previously. Obviously there’s no way of knowing the particulars of how he came to be wandering around alone, but it’s a good thing we found him when we did.

The person who rescued Tomokichi sometimes comes to visit. And Tomokichi definitely remembers this person who saved his life, as demonstrated by how happily they go on walks together.

Whenever I go to Tomokichi’s enclosure to play, I get a big welcome from him, even though I’m not the one usually in charge of taking care of him. He really just loves people. When I pet him and his fluffy coat of fur, I feel my heart getting light and fluffy too, healed by him.

When I give him the command “Paw”, for some reason he gets shy all of a sudden! He looks down as if hanging his head in shame, turning back and away, while holding his paw out sadly. It’s really cuuuute!!

Tomokichi may bark at the various people who pass by his enclosure every day, and leave a negative impression, but actually he’s a very calm and obedient dog. He’s staying in a dog enclosure in the back, in a place where he doesn’t get seen too often, so I’d love for him to find an adopter and a new happy life as soon as possible.

------------------Notice ------------------

During the long holiday, it was a rehoming rush at ARK!
Ra-kun,Gin-chan and Furanda, Tama-chan,who I mentioned in the blog before, all had their chance and grabbed it!
The staff is full of thanks for all those who adopted and are giving these little guys a new happy life!

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Diary with Ra-kun

Ra-kun, who joined the recent adoption fair, is now staying at KK’s home.

Because he was very afraid of children at the event and was shaking in the shopping mall, I thought he needed to experience human society and meet different kinds of people including children, and to walk in areas where lots of bicycles and cars would be around. Developing his immunity to these things would make it easier to recommend him to a potential adopter.

To me, Ra-kun is more vulnerable and lacking in experience than just plain scared. He happily comes when we call his name and loves being held, but backs off sometimes. He needs more fun experiences through interacting with people. (Ra-kun’s ears stand up when he is on his back or when he looks up. Maybe a few more days until they are up always?)

So, here’s a report on Ra-kun’s stay at my home.

One day, the whole family went for a walk together. Going to the right, and to the left, in constant motion, Ra-kun looked so happy and seemed to be enjoying the walk. Even though he was a little scared on roads he had never been to, there was no problem with the roads he had walked on before. Cars, bicycles, loud sounds…Ra-kun got used to them quickly. “I love to walk!” ♪

Here are the pictures of Ra-kun running around the field poking his nose into the grass. Ume-chan and her sisters used to do the same thing. (Ra-kun and Ume-chan have the same mother.)

He doesn’t get sick in the car, and he was able to wait quietly in the passenger’s seat while we went to buy something.

At a home center, I put him on a dog cart to accompany me while shopping. Ra-kun didn’t get panicked or try to run away. He was just observing the surroundings, and even took a bite of cheese offered by a stranger.

Ra-kun is also good at dealing with dog friends. Look how he, who’s just 6kg, “survived” fighting with Koruri, who at 34 kg, is the head of Puppy Education Committee. Rega-kun the chicken is also joining the force as best as he can. Under the table, the middle-aged Michiru obasan is annoyed and gnarling. (Yes, I have three dogs at home.)

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10/5 (Sun) Adoption Fair☆Report

We held our usual adoption fair at Green Dog in Kobe on Sunday, October 5.
Although it rained, many people showed up making it a successful day. There are so many stories to tell that I’m not sure if I can tell them all very well!

Gin-chan was on his best behavior right from the start! He wasn’t scared of anything and played with the toys and ate lots of food. He let lots of people hold him, took quick naps, and was then back up and playing. One person even said “If you haven’t found him a home, maybe I could…” Gin-chan, we should be thankful that so many people took an interest in you.

Hiding under the towel is Flounder. We worried about his safety many times because Gin-chan kept stepping on him. Once he even crawled under the towel and fell fast asleep. He did play and eat a little, but spent most of his time hiding. He must’ve been tired so maybe it was a little too much for him. He probably just got scared in such a new environment. Usually he’s very friendly and playful.

Daisuke was such a well-behaved boy. When somebody came into the shop he went to greet them. When they left, he walked them to the door to say goodbye. He sat quietly wagging his tail and looking up at the people. For those who met Dai-chan for the first time today they would never believe how excited he gets when people come to ARK that he starts barking and won’t calm down. He was on his best behavior today! Unfortunately, ARK can be a very stressful place for some dogs so that they just can’t feel calm…

The happiest moment today was the rehoming of Chack! The family that adopted her passed the interview at ARK last week. Now Chack can say goodbye to her days as a baby machine! We wish you a long and happy life, Chack. Good for you!

Tickle wasn’t feeling well, so we brought Kapoo in her place. She is a very amiable dog, who also gets along with other dogs and cats. She didn’t bark at all and without us even noticing, she would show up beside us with a grin on her face. She’s not selfish or demanding; she’s such a good-natured dog.

We’re so thankful that many of the 32 breeding machines that we rescued are finding wonderful new homes. But, like I just said, we did rescue 32 of them! Half of them have found new homes so we are still looking for homes for the rest of them. We hope you’ll consider adopting one of them!

Somebody is interested in adopting Tyr! They are going to discuss it at home and give us their answer. Here Tyr, tired from playing, is enjoying a cuddle from a child. (Or maybe he just wanted to cuddle!)

Tyr’s brother Ra-kun wasn’t able to find a home. He was quite scared of the children. He seemed to enjoy playing with the other dogs, but when he went for a walk in the shopping mall he got scared and his body shook even when we held him. We’ll have to do some more training with him. Now we know what we need to focus on with him.

Now, as for Sakura...this was the second adoption fair that Sakura took part in. Whenever people were around she hid. However, she didn’t look as afraid this time. We even saw her, after some time, interact with someone. The picture on the bottom left shows her having fun out in the garden after the adoption fair.

However, at this adoption fair, she ate some jerky!
You may wonder why this would excite us so much, but if a dog is scared, it will be so full of fear that it can’t eat. Such a dog wouldn’t even think about eating. That’s exactly what happened with Sakura last time. But this time, she pushed forward past Daisuke and the other dogs to claim some jerky for herself. We encouraged her to move on her own by throwing her some jerky so that she wouldn’t stay frozen and shaking in the corner.

Here’s a video of Sakura eating her jerky!
She disappears for a moment but comes to eat the jerky. Keep your eye on Dai-chan when Sakura gets angry at her! (KK is really excited in this video so we suggest you turn down the volume before clicking play!!)

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10/5 (Sun) Adoption Fair☆Announcement

Here are the animals that will be participating in the adoption fair atGreen Dog in Kobe on Sunday, October 5!

Gin-chan  male, about 6 months old
After missing the previous adoption event due to a broken bone, Gin-chan is all set to take part this time around!
He’ll soon be 6 months old. He’s certainly become more of an adult since this video was taken!

Flounder male, about 4 months old
Flounder is one of the kittens dumped in front of ARK along with some other adult cats and kittens.

Tickle  female, about 2-5 years old

Chack  female, about 2-5 years old
Tickle and Chack will be representing the 32 little dogs that were recently taken in by ARK in a large-scale rescue.

Daisuke male, 3 years old

Sakura female, about 10 months old

Sakura and Daisuke are great friends! Although Sakura is smaller and younger, she is the strong one! I hope she’ll have more fun at this adoption fair since Daisuke is coming along, too.

       ↑Tyrmale, about 3 months old      ↑Ra male, about 3 months old
Tyr and Ra’s mother is the same stray dog who gave birth to Sakura.

We hope you’ll come to meet all of us at Green Dog!

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