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The Story Behind the Kitten Room

Originally there were adult cats in the place that became the kitten room.

Kittens are very lively, so the older cats living with them seemed to feel a fair amount of stress. They also eat different types of food, so if the kittens were loose we could not leave food out, and this made it pretty hard to care for those cats who only eat when they feel like it.


Tama-chan, who was annoyed to have to live with kittens, would move into a small enclosure when the kittens were let loose. Tama-chan was never good at getting along with cats other than his original companions, so it would have been hard to move him to another room; we moved him when the kittens were released and put him back after we had retrieved the kittens…but days went by without really solving the problem.


Then, Hina-chan, who was living alone in the office, was rehomed! All the staff were overjoyed that Hina-chan, who suffers from chronic pneumonia, was adopted, but we were even happier that we also found a place to move Tama-chan! (Thank you, Hina-chan’s adopter!!)

Of the two cats other than Tama-chan, one of them, Mira-chan, who got along well with the kittens, was able to go to a foster family through Tokyo ARK. Icchan was successfully moved to a room with only adult cats.


Thus, we were able to come up with a room just for kittens.

But when I think of our cats who are still living in cramped spaces, I can’t help but think, “I hope they get adopted soon,” or “I hope someone comes to adopt them soon”… (Well, the best thing for Tama-chan, too, would be being adopted.) We still don’t know when the cat areas under construction will be finished, and I don’t think we can stretch our space any farther… So let’s do our best at the adoption fair! (The cats Gin-chan and Chibi-chan are scheduled to attend the next adoption fair at Green Dog.)

The 2009 ARK Calendar is on sale now!
Did you buy yours yet??


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The Lives that Can’t Be Saved

“The Lives that Can’t Be Saved”  
Mainichi.jp, Eto Mori’s “Living with You”
Have you seen this article?

I heard about it through Ma Parupuri’s blog.
I would love for other people to have a look at it, so I’m posting the link here.

“Why can’t they at least perform euthanasia...” (from the actual article)

“When there’s a lot, 30 animals in one day”
Crowding scared, anxious, and confused animals into a stainless steel, cubic gas chamber to await a bitter death of suffocation: instead of this, would it be so hard to switch to injecting a drug, putting animals quietly to sleep one at a time?
Why not? At least this...at least. Can’t we have even this small a change?
I can’t feel anything but hopelessness.
But that’s what we are doing in Japan. And with our tax money.
It’s us who have to take responsibility and to cause change.

–––––––––––––––– Notice –––––––––––––––––
Beano went to Tokyo!
For details, check out the postscript of The Chronicles of Beano☆☆☆

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I want a home to call my own!


The “Kitty Festival” here at ARK is (unfortunately) still in full swing.
Many have been able to find homes, but are quickly replaced by newcomers, so it’s been a constant “Kitty! Kitty! Kitty!” day after day at ARK. As they grow, it is becoming increasingly difficult to house them two at a time in the small spaces we have. Through lots of planning and creativity we’ve been able to get by.

Every day they play while they wait to be picked up and taken to their own homes.

(Thank you to all of you who have adopted some of these little guys! How are you all doing?)


Time for some grub…


They may be young but they can wash their faces all by themselves.


More often than not, lunchtime is interrupted by playtime.
(Hey! No wresting until you clean your plate!)


Playtime is followed by naptime.


Children, whether human or feline, are adorable. But a lot of work.
When things get busy, and they’re in the mood for interaction, it can be hard to just stop and take a moment to play with them. Then later we feel bad that we couldn’t make the time to play.
Maybe this is how it feels for human moms with small children, too.


The babies that the staff looked after around the clock a couple months back are now…

uti8.jpg  uti9.jpg
uti10.jpg  uti11.jpg

…this big!


We are not able to give all of them a lot of space. We let them play outside their cages as much as possible, but most of the day they must spend in their little homes. These cages are actually meant for sick animals that are receiving treatment. It makes us sad because we know how badly these guys want to get out and play.

“I want more room!” “I’m bored.” “Please come pick me up soon!”

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32 dogs used as business tools

Have you seen ARK News & Events "Big rescue, please help us find these little dogs a happy home"?


This is the truth that lies behind the image of the cute puppies you see lined up at pet shops. And this case is not unusual.
If I were a breeder, there’s no way I would be able to sell my puppies from a glass case, each by itself, to a complete stranger, often on credit and having torn the pups away from their mother and siblings. The only people who can do that are those who think of dogs as nothing but a source of money. If I were them, I would want to give my puppies to someone reliable who would keep them responsibly until the end of their life. These puppies would be like my own children or grandchildren, and I would want to keep in touch with their new family to get updates about the dogs and give advice if it were needed.


The people who think of dogs simply as money-making tools don’t consider the kind of conditions in this picture to be cruel. ”How can we make the greatest profit with the least expenditure?” That’s all they think about.

Such people don’t give their dogs the vaccinations they need, and when the mother gives birth, the puppies are taken away immediately in order to make her go into heat again, thus creating more puppies as efficiently as possible. And all of this happens in the confines of tiny cages. The dog is seen just as a puppy machine (in other words, a money machine).

If the puppies born into this kind of environment were mentally and physically healthy or didn’t have contagious diseases, allergies or birth defects, I wouldn’t be able to call it anything less than a miracle. How many pups have been sacrificed to make marketable puppies?
Most of the puppies you see in pet shops are born in this kind of place and treated as “freight”. If this became common knowledge, who would want to buy a puppy from a pet shop? There is a supply because there is a demand. Ignorance is a crime.

Even the pedigree papers are commonly faked. At these shops, there is no such thing as the truth.


When we trimmed this little guy, he turned out to be absolutely beautiful. He seems a bit scared, but from now on, he’s probably going to start understanding that not all human are bad.


Luckily, every one of the 32 dogs that we rescued this time are very good boys and girls. They all were well behaved while they were being trimmed. It must have been painful for them when matted hairballs that had been stuck to their skin for a long time were finally removed, but they were all calm and patient.


This dog looked like an old, used old mop in a strange orange color…


She was actually this cute little white thing!


Hairballs that are matted with dirt really stink and can’t be gotten rid of with a one-off shampoo. We helped them to shed their past along with their dirty fur when we gave them a shampoo and cut. Each of these dogs is preparing to start a new life. Please become an adopter of these born-again dogs, and show them the joy of being loved!

-----------------------Event/Adoption Fair News-----------------------
<Photo Exhibition>
Fri. 9/26 to Sun. 9/28 ARK Special Photography Exhibition "Dogs with no home"

<Adoption Fairs>
Sun. 9/28 Higashi Nihonbashi, Tokyo Urban
Sun. 10/5 GREEN DOG
Sun. 19/19 FIELD NOTE

We’ll let you know as soon as the dogs who’ll be participating have been decided! The participants may change unexpectedly due to health conditions, etc.

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Natsu and Pi-ko

We at ARK are always trying to teach our dogs some manners in order to improve their chances of being adopted. But even if we’re only teaching “Sit”, there are some dogs who can’t do it. We continue every day though, teaching little by little, and are rewarded on that day they finally get it.


The brown dog on the left is Natsu, and the black and white one on the right is Pi-ko.

Natsu and Pi-ko get along great with any other dogs, and love to play with people too. They are both under 10kg, so we can recommend them even for people living in apartments with weight limits on pet size. However, they are a bit shy, and when meeting someone for the first time, they may bark or hide, so they may give a negative impression. So that’s why we decided to teach them “Sit” and “Wait” – they’ll be so well-behaved, they will appeal to anybody. The two of them just love to eat, so if there are treats around, they’ll be friendly to anyone, even strangers.

Natsu does “Sit”, makes eye contact, flexes her back, and “Wait”s.

Pi-ko can do it too, of course!

Even if we teach the same tricks in the same way, each dog has its own quirks. Pi-ko has trouble doing “Sit” without prancing around on her paws, but it’s kind of cute, isn’t it? Let’s call it her charm point, okay?

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Kakogawa Rescue Follow-up

Have you read the “Kakogawa Dog and Cat Rescue” article in the ARK Newsletter No. 71, our most recent edition? We’ve also blogged about it in the past, here is the link:
Kakogawa Rescue Report

Of the 26 dogs that were living with the man, we took eleven in. Two of these dogs, Mariko and Fuyuko, found foster homes before their owner passed away. We hope that this brought a little bit of comfort to him during his last days as he battled cancer.

(From the left: Seiko, Fuyuko who’s been adopted, Shuu, and Izumi)


The owner referred to himself as their “father” when he spoke to the dogs.
“Don’t come to your father! Go on, follow those ladies (to ARK)!”
“They won’t take you with them if you don’t follow directions!”
“Your father’s not going to be nice to you anymore!”
I remember the man speaking harshly to his dogs, as he hugged them tightly.


Sweet was bedridden before coming to ARK, but now she is able to stand up and walk a little.
Since she relieves herself while laying down, every morning starts with a nice bath for Sweet.



These dogs not only loved their owner dearly, but he had their trust and respect as well. The dogs were unwilling to open their hearts to us when they first arrived to ARK. However as the time has passed and they have spent time with us, they have slowly begun to give us their trust.


That’s Pugly on the right, with his talented begging pose.


…and that’s Pugly getting carried away with the begging and smacking Yukie in the face!

After the passing of their “father”, what we can do now is to give the dogs plenty of love in his place. Their “father” always put these dogs first and gave them unconditional love. Even through his battle with cancer, this man showed incredible strength and continued to share his love and happiness with animals and humans alike. I will never forget that.

Here is a cute clip of Pugly begging (with people’s voices in the background).

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ARK’s Rabbits


Rabie was temporarily evacuated from ARK because she wasn’t handling the heat well. She had been staying at a staff member’s house, but finally now she came back to ARK. Lop-eared Rabie had been being raised indoors before ARK took her in, so it seems that living outdoors in the summer time is just a bit too much for her. The staff member who had kept Rabie at their house is also keeping another young rabbit of ARK’s, Ramune. But we heard that Rabie and Ramune were not getting along well together, and taking care of them had been a bit of trouble. The staff member did a great job though. Rabie, it seems, wants to get individual attention and love, with no other rabbits in the picture.


We know that the type of winter ARK usually gets, with lots of snow accumulation and ice, is going to be very difficult for our rabbits. Before that harsh winter comes, we’d love to find a warm home and loving adopters for these little guys.

So that’s Rabie and Ramune...but let me introduce you to our other rabbits too! ♪


Peter ♂ 2 years old


Noba ♂ 2 years old


Marimo ♀ 2 years old (left)
Chip ♂ (right)


Pyonko ♀ (Marimo, Noba, and Peter’s mother)

ARK’s rabbits have all been spayed and neutered, so whether you choose to raise a male or female, you won’t have to worry about babies. Adopters, we’re waiting for you!

Tel: 072-737-0712 (1885) 10:00-17:00
Fax: 072-737-1886
Mail: ark@arkbark.net

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