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Let’s play time!


When he was rescued, Fredy was like a little fox, but his skinny body seems to have become big and strong. His behavior is changing as well. Sometimes he likes to test himself, and bullies some of the younger dogs. But at the same time, he’s a little bit timid and not that great at getting along with other dogs, so we asked Blake and Kanga, two bright and friendly, well-balanced dogs, to discipline him.


Let’s compete to get a toy in our kennel today!!!

Don’t let them get you down, tiny Fredy!


“Okay! I won’t be beaten even though I’m small!!”


“Wow…Kanga and Blake have so much spirit. I’m losing here...”


“Wow, so aggressive. Oh, no, I can’t do it.”
Hey, why are you being such a coward? If you run away, you’ll never live it down!
Do you think you can be rehomed, acting like that!?
“All right, now you’ve gone too far! Argh!!!”


“All right! I did it!! (Hmm, I guess this isn’t really related to me getting rehomed though.)”

It is, Fredy: because of the guts you’ve shown today, you could leave ARK for your new home any day now.
Thank you, Blake and Kanga, for the training!
Good luck, Fredy! Get a lot of love from your new family!!!

More Happy News☆
Chibi the Shiba and Norma were also rehomed!


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Blake & Kanga

That’s Blake on the left and this is Kanga on the right. Look the same, don’t they!?


Both are big on the outside, but still puppies on the inside. They love pro-wrestling and are always bouncing around.

They seem to be a mix of Labrador Retriever and Shepherd, but their character is all Lab. They are honest, people-loving and innocent. We recommend Blake and Kanga to people who love big dogs or Labs, or who want to try living with a big dog, or who love lots of playing with dogs.


Kanga is a very strong-minded girl. Her eyes always look mischievous, as if she’s up to no good.


Blake is such a spoiled boy. He likes to play with toys and go on walks, but he is such a baby. He always comes over to us and acts like a ragdoll to get a cuddle.

Both are really easy to live with, but there’s one thing that we have to look out for. They express their joy using their whole bodies, which can be a bit dangerous for people. Every day, we train them not to jump up on people. Blake is also being trained not to bark when he wants something…


“Play with me, or I’ll gnaw at the wall!”
Please come and be Kanga’s new family! We’re running out of time!!
You need to get here before she eats her whole kennel…!!

Another one of their siblings, Eager, is living with Tarquin.
If you like big dogs, please think about Eager and Tarquin, too!

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Merry Christmas☆☆


Ta-da! A Christmas cake arrived for us, a donation! (A dog cake, of course.)


Toffee: Yay! Hey, Tia, what do you want for Christmas?


Tia: A new family, duh! And a nice warm home to spend Christmas in!

Potential adopters are welcome at ARK year-round, even during Christmas and New Year’s.

This has been a word from Tia and Toffee, who appear in our 2008 calendar.

Merry Christmas☆☆

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Blendy the Shoulder Rider


Yes, she’s always gazing up at peoples’ shoulders.
“Peoples’ shoulders are there for me to ride on!”


Please come and visit our cat enclosure, which is commonly called “Numbers”.

If you suddenly feel something from out of nowhere fall onto your shoulders, that’ll be Blendy!


One of the attractions of cats is that they aren’t subservient to people. Blendy is just like that. She does her own thing, and when she wants to, she climbs onto someone’s shoulders to get to somewhere else. If you try to give her some attention she looks away.


Blendy is dear to us all, but don’t you think it’s time she left ARK for a new home?

People wanting to adopt a dog or a cat often ask for a young animal. But even at 8 years old, cats are still in good health, calm, and easy to take care of. I’d really recommend that you consider Blendy.


“You really think you can make me happy with this toy? Who do you think I am?”

But don’t you think she’s cute…?

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Jack, have you reached your limit?


I, staff member K.K., used my day off yesterday to be a walk volunteer. On the days that I’m working, I’m so busy that I don’t have time to take the dogs for long walks. But on my days off I can spend some quality time with each dog.

But, as usual, I wanted to go for a walk with so many different dogs, I wanted to take pictures of the cats, I wanted to do this and do that…The day only lasts for so long and in the end, I wasn’t able to take it as easy as I had thought I could.


Among the dogs that I took for walks yesterday were Jack and Atomi.
The two of them don’t get enough exercise so they are stressed and
bored. Today you guys are going to have a great walk!


Recently, Jack began his tail chasing again. We had cut his tail short to prevent him from chasing it but he’s been biting at it and it’s scarred. Without us even realizing it, he spins around biting at his tail and there’s nothing we can do about it because we can’t be with him all the time. Putting an Elizabethan plastic collar or neck collar on him will stop him from biting his tail, but it will also cause him more stress. I think that Jack has reached his limit of being surrounded by the stress and stimulations of living at ARK.

As soon as possible, I’d like to find a permanent or temporary home for him. All I can do for him right now is to get him out of the dog enclosures for a change of scenery and lots of exercise.


During the walk, Jack shows off his friendly smile.

But after coming back from our walk I could hear him barking at all the excitement going on outside of his enclosure and the sound of him turning in circles kicking at the fence.

This situation really stinks. I really wish somebody would give him a loving home… (This is starting to become my catchphrase...)

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‘Tis I, Zara


‘Tis I, the great Zara.

I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but there are no dogs who understand the human being better than I do.

I don’t bark at guests and I even let them see me. When they take me for a walk, I walk slowly for them. They, for some reason, like to have physical contact with us, which I accept, because I know I could gain a lot from it. I’d be happy to lecture those nervous, unsociable, mistrustful dogs on how we can gain a lot from acting nice to people.


My special skill is camouflage (seasonal).

No need to bother wondering what I am doing here.


Another thing I am super good at: the high five.

Wait, wait! Don’t imagine that this is just another high-five. My high five is different. Firstly, I take careful aim at a person’s palm. Then I touch the palm gently – so gently that you might think my pads are made of silk. The secret? I not only touch your palm, but your “heart.”
Thunder gives you rough high fives, but I’d say I’m in a whole other league.

Next time you come to ARK, mention me specifically to the staff. Take me for a walk. Then you will have a chance to experience my elegant, heartfelt high five.

Oh, just one thing before I go. If you don’t intend to become my adopter, you better not see me. Otherwise you will realize that I’m the best house dog around and find me irresistible.

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