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Report on the ARK Support Fair

And now for a report on the ARK Support Fair held at Field Note in Nara.

Many thanks to Field Note for their assistance and cooperation. All the staff at ARK are most grateful.

ARK’s poster girls, Shijimi and Mugi, who are up for adoption, took part in the event at Field Note, a store with a natural and relaxing atmosphere. Clothing and miscellaneous items are sold, and there is also a café area.

Here’s our poster girl, Shijimi, showing off her high five.

On the 28th (Sunday) both Norma and Hanami, who are seeking a second chance in a happy home, took part. Ms. Oliver also brought her own dogs, Badger, Sparky and Too Wee Too, and spent valuable time with all those who came to the store.

Along with the photo exhibition and sales of merchandise, there were profiles of the animals waiting for new homes.

Hanami and Norma showed off the tricks they’ve learned at ARK. Everybody was impressed and they praised the dogs. The two of them had a great time!

Hanami must have gotten too hyped up so she used a customer’s hand as a pillow for a nap.
Or maybe she realized the customer was looking to adopt a dog?!

Some animals that have been rehomed also attended the fair. One of them was Rokusuke. When he was in the care of ARK, he was overweight and had a skin condition but thanks to his new family, he has lost weight and has a shiny coat of fur now!
Whiskas also came along. (We were so happy that we forgot to take a picture!)

Some animals that have been rehomed also attended the fair. One of them was Rokusuke. When he was in the care of ARK, he was overweight and had a skin condition but thanks to his new family, he has lost weight and has a shiny coat of fur now!
Whiskas also came along. (We were so happy that we forgot to take a picture!)

By participating in events and adoption fairs, the dogs can see new sides to things and experience things that they can’t at ARK. They can even experience things that are routine for other dogs. Adoptive parents can get a different impression of a dog. Bringing the dogs to a gathering such as this is not only to try to rehome the dogs, but it is also a valuable experience for the dogs and the staff.

Today was a wonderful experience for Norma and Hanami.
We hope they’ll be able to leave ARK for new homes very soon…


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ARK Support Fair

We are now holding an “ARK Support Fair” at the outdoor and natural life goods shop Field Note in Nara City.
For more information, click here!

On the last day of the fair, October 28, I, Norma, will be taking part.
I was found wandering through the rice fields near ARK. I was able to get through summer because I had all my hair cut short.

At first I was very tired and anxious, so I wasn’t able to smile very much, but now I’m having a great time at ARK. However, what I hope for most is to find a wonderful new family who will give me a second “dog’s life”. If you’re interested in meeting me, please come see me at Field Note!!

I, Hanami, will also be taking part☆
I hope to see you at Field Note!!

++++ Dogs and Cats of ARK Photo Exhibition (13 Days) ++++

Sales of ARK merchandise and a photo exhibition of animals that are looking for new homes!
Date: October 16-28, 2007
Time: 11:00-18:00 (Field Note’s regular business hours)
Place: Field Note
Shijo-oji 2-2-77, Nara City, Nara Prefecture
Adoption Fair: October 28 (Sunday)

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An FIV-positive cat, Midori

Midori is an FIV-positive (feline immunodeficiency virus) cat. There is currently no cure available for FIV; however, many FIV-positive cats can live their entire lives without actually developing the disease. We have a lot of FIV-positive cats at ARK who live healthily, but in order to prevent the other cats from being infected, cats with FIV must live separately.

Midori is a "sponsor cat." At ARK, cats and dogs who are older, have injuries, require special care, have suffered from abuse, are distrustful of humans, and so on, may not be able to find an adopter, and so become “sponsor” animals.

Midori is paralyzed below the waist and needs help to go to the bathroom. And on top of that, she cannot live with normal cats due to FIV. Because it is extremely difficult for her to find an adopter, Midori became part of the sponsorship system.

Midori was abused and paralyzed when she was a stray cat. Her treatment took a long time after she was taken in to ARK. She was not able to excrete by herself, and probably because of tremendous stress, she bit and hurt her immobile legs. We even considered euthanizing her when we thought about her future laden with physical and emotional stress.

Looking back, treatment of Midori was a process of trial and error. The clinical staff in charge of Midori were always looking for the best means of treatment for her. The staff thought a lot and worked hard to find a way for Midori to lead a comfortable life. And they really adored Midori.

Midori is such an adorable and friendly cat. Despite the horrible experience she has had with people, she purrs in joy when she meets them and snuggles up beside them.

Now watching Midori living happily with other FIV-positive cats, I am so happy that we did not euthanize her and also did not give up with her treatment.

Midori is a sponsor cat, but that does not mean that she will never find an adopter. It is possible to adopt Midori. We always welcome any offers from you to become her sponsor, or even better, to become her adopter!

For more information about the sponsorship system, please look at the "How to Become a Sponsor" section on ARK's website.

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Announcement about the last reunion


Last weekend, ARK held a reunion. Ms. Oliver brought me (Badger) along too – sorry to intrude! More participants than we had expected wanted to take part, so we suddenly had to divide the event over two days because not everybody could fit into the dog run where it was being held. Thank you to those of you who kindly agreed to take part in the Sunday reunion. On both days the weather was beautiful and we all had a great time.

The picture above is of training class being taught by Ms. Tsuda. The parents of the dogs listened carefully to learn how to train their dogs.


We also had a true or false quiz game.
The questions were all too easy for me, but nobody else got all of them right. Of course I knew them all, but with the dignity and manners of a humble pet, I was discreet and pretended not to.

Look, Cinnamon is trying so hard to tell his dad the right answer!
“Daddy, I think this one’s false!”


The dogs had a great time playing with each other.
Some knew each other already and some were meeting for the first time; some were adopted young and were reunited with their siblings. Others were scared and hid in the corners of the dog run where other dogs, worried about them, went to visit them.

What really surprised me was seeing dogs who when they were at ARK, were not able to make friends with any other dogs. But at the reunion, they went around with no lead and got along well with the other dogs. When dogs are rehomed, they become such good dogs. Maybe it is thanks to the love they receive from their new families?


Everyone really seemed to enjoy the day they spent at the reunion, and really showed the love they feel for their dogs. All of these dogs wound up at ARK each at different times and through different circumstances. But I really felt that through the love of their new families, they’d been able to overcome the hurt and the scars of their past, and that makes me feel so relieved.

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Happy news!
Do you remember this boy, Boss?

He found his own family! He has finally been adopted!
His new family had adopted a dog from ARK before, but when this dog passed away, they decided to adopt again from ARK, and chose Boss.

We know how sad they were when they lost their loving family member. I’m also heartbroken. And we really appreciate that they adopted Boss after getting through that pain. Thank you so much.

Boss finally got his own happiness. I’m writing this article for everyone who has been worried about Boss. I’d like to share this happiness with you all. Thank you so much!!

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The photos at least have to be cute.

“Hey, hey, whatcha doin'?”

Well, Oto-chan, you're such a good cat, I'm taking photos so I can introduce you on the blog and help find an adopter for you.
Because when I introduce you to potential adopters in person, they just pass right by you. I don't know why that is.

“Hmmm, what's this? A toy?”

...... A digital camera.

“Hey, play with me.”


“Hey, I'm hungry. Give me my canned food.”

...... I know you're bored, but try to look smart. If your photos aren't cute, you won't find a good owner.

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