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Ume-kun's New Home


You may remember from A Request from Umenosuke, but now Ume-kun has been rehomed! I'll tell you the details.

Ume-kun's new owner is an ex-ARK staff member, who is now a nurse at an animal hospital in Tochigi prefecture where she helps many pets and their owners. In addition to Ume-kun, she has a cat whose leg was amputated.

Disabled pets need careful attention to their treatment and daily care and we staff are full of gratitude and happiness that we can entrust Ume-kun to a nurse with knowledge and experience.


The “love” everyone has sent was of course given to the new owner along with Ume-kun.


New owner nurse and Umenosuke.
From now on these two hands will protect Ume-kun.
We wish you happiness!

*The digital camera I used today was not working well, so please forgive the pictures being a bit scrambled. And it was a lovely sunny day, too... (>_<)


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Sweet’s Family (2)

Hi there! It’s been a while! It’s time for an ARK Tails update. Sorry to keep all of you waiting, all those of you who are concerned about the lives of our animals. I’ll continue keeping you up to date on all of the goings-on at ARK, so please don’t stop reading and giving us your support.

There sure is a lot of stuff to tell you about!


This is Sweet’s family: Spice, Sugar, and Saccharine. We’ve given them a bit of a makeover; did you notice?


They all got sharp new haircuts from our trimmer. Who’s a little cutie now?


In the two pictures above, can you tell who’s Sugar and who’s Saccharine? If you can, you must be a real ARK fanatic!


Spice just got a shampoo. Doesn’t really need a cut, does he?

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A Summer Greeting


How are you? I hope your Obon holiday is going well.

ARK is busy as usual. When it comes to caring for the animals, there really are no holidays like Obon and New Year’s. Potential adopters, we’re waiting for you year-round!


The maintainer of the web site is moving, so we won’t be able to make updates for a while. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Kazu-kun, with the heart of a puppy

That intrepid face, over 20 kilograms of muscle and brawn...but underneath all that, you’ll actually find the opposite. Kazu is only about 1 year old, and he’s still got the heart of a puppy.


We always hear the sound of Kazu running around excitedly in his enclosure. He likes to invite his friend Madonna to play with him. She’s a dog we rescued at the same time as Kazu, and we think she could be his mother or older sister. Kazu and Madonna really like to roughhouse, sometimes to the point where they could be mistaken for fighting. They’ve even gotten small injuries on occasion, but what can you do!


Kazu loves to chew on his hamburger. His favorite toy right now is apparently the famous Sasebo Burger. If you have a chance, please join the feast!


Kazu has a lot of cute little things he can do, but of all of them, my absolute favorite is when he wants attention or has a favor to ask and sticks his paw right out onto your hand. This is his “pretty please” face. You can see how his chest really tightens from this moment of seriousness.

But it does hurt a little, you know. You are sticking me with those claws, ouchie.


So as you’ve seen, our Kazu-kun loves to play. And he’s such a sweetie. You’ll soon fall in love with his puppy-like innocence and naivet醇P. The volunteers who go into his enclosure and spend time with him all end up saying “I feel at peace!” or “I don’t wanna leave!”

This people-friendly, docile dog is sure to become a great life partner for you! Kazu’s the dog that all the staff is all pushing for.

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Sassy, All Alone


Sassy’s friend Sessy just got rehomed, so now Sassy is all alone. Here she is, looking terribly lonely and low-spirited. We want the cheerful, boisterous Sassy back again, so we tried to find some new friends for her. But however many other dogs we tried matching Sassy up with, her heart just wouldn’t open, and it was impossible to do anything more than walk her and the other dog together.


At ARK, when one dog living with a group of other dogs gets rehomed, we always have to fill that space with another dog, or else there wouldn’t be room for taking in any new dogs. And besides, Sassy just looked really sad. Those are the reasons why we tried to find her a new friend.


Here’s Sassy on a walk with Beckham, a happy dog who can make friends with anyone. But Sassy just wouldn’t have any of that idea, plus Beckham is already living with a bunch of other dogs, so scratch that idea.


It’s really tough seeing Sassy’s sad face every day, but if she’s not going to let another dog in, we’re not going to force it to happen. Sassy does still get really happy to go on walks with the staff, volunteers, and just about anyone, so we’re going to try to get as many people in touch with Sassy as possible, for fun and petting. That’s about all we can do right now. And, of course, wait for that one great new owner to arrive.

That’s not the only problem we’re having at ARK now. Unfortunately, we have heaps of issues like this to deal with...hmp.

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