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Chi-ko and Becky


We are Chi-ko (left) and Becky (right).


It may be hard to tell from the photos, but these two dogs are extremely small.
They are adults, so they won't get any bigger than this.
They fit in the palm of your hand, so please be careful not to lose them by accident.
For walks, please put them in your pocket.


Okay, I lied.
But they would fit in the shoes of Giant Baba (the boxer), for sure.


Becky seems to like water. This is Becky soaking in the water by the side of the road as if it were a hot spring. A lot of the dogs from the Nishiwaki rescue like playing in water.

Becky: It's feels lovely and cool. I don't want to leave.


Chi-ko: What clear water. I think I'll taste it.
Becky: Hey, don't interfere with my beauty bath.


Chi-ko and Becky are friendly, obedient, and docile. They are easy dogs to care for, so they are recommended for first-time-owner families. They will easily clear any size limits for apartments too!

They are scheduled to participate in our now monthly adoption fair at Green Dog on August 4 (Saturday). If they are adopted before then, other dogs from the Nishiwaki family will go. They are all really small and cute. Please come see them!!
Go here for more information!


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What a smart girl Mag is.


I’d like to introduce you to a new cutie. Her name is Magdeline. We took in her and her puppies. In fact, she came to ARK with many other dogs, as well.

Mag is friendly and docile, but it seems that she doesn’t really like other dogs. When she sees another dog, she begins to bark and becomes aggressive. It would not be good to re-home her as she is.
So we began training her. We are using a method learned from Ms. Tsuda of the KENKENCLUB when she volunteered to come to ARK and teach us about training dogs.


We taught Magdeline about the “clicker”. Whether she’s in her kennel or out for a walk, if she sees another dog, we give her a treat. The clicker is a signal that she will receive food. If she doesn’t bark when she sees another dog, we praise her and give her a treat. Now, Mag doesn’t bark at all when she spots another dog. I don’t think a new family would have any difficulties with her now.


Mag does have one more bad habit. When we go for a walk she pulls hard on her leash. When she wants to go smell something, she pulls hard, not paying any attention to the person holding the leash. It was the same with Gorgie. To break her of this habit, when she pulled the leash, we stopped and let it go slack. After she turned around, with a look that said “Why aren’t we moving ahead?”, we would continue on. After doing this over and over again, she came to realize that pulling the leash would not allow her to move ahead, and that if the leash is not slack she cannot go for a walk. Mag learned this quickly!


Mag is very quick to learn, so she is learning more and more all the time. She’s always trying so hard and looking at me as if to say “Is this right?” or “Ah, this is how we do it, I see”. She can now walk on the left side and makes good eye contact with whoever is walking her. For Mag, who loves people, it seems she is just as happy to receive praise as to get treats!


“I’ll work harder if you give me treats rather than praise!” says Mag.

I hope a new family will soon come to adopt Mag!!

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A Request from Umenosuke

Hi, I'm Umenosuke


Before, I was introduced as the clever “I'm so happy I peed by myself” cat. But since I drag my back half when I walk, sometimes my privates get dirty or sore, and it's easy to pick up bacteria, so actually the staff worries about me a lot.
Since everyone is thinking about me so much, lately I have started to wear paper diapers.


This way I can walk around and my privates are protected, and no pee gets on the carpet; it's perfect. Everyone says happily that they look really good on me, too. It's a little embarrassing. I'm not a baby anymore. You can't treat me like a kitten forever!

Actually, I've been using donated diapers, but there aren’t many that fit me well, so I'm running out.


So here is my request.
Would someone donate some diapers for me?
Any that you have left over would be fine...
My size is small dog, S or SS depending on the manufacturer.


While I'm at it, can I say one more thing?
My life at ARK isn't bad, but I would really rather have a home of my very own.
Someone become my family!
I'll be at the adoption fair at Green Dog in August. More details on that here!

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Typhoon number four, on the way

It’s been raining here since sometime yesterday. We are definitely concerned about the direction the typhoon is heading, but as of today, there’s been no wind, just rain, rain, rain non-stop. On days like these, the dogs’ spirits are usually lower. Most of the dogs stay in their houses, sleeping peacefully.


“I wonder when this rain’ll let up!”


On a walk, wearing our raincoats.
“Let’s get a hat on you too. Your head’s gonna get all wet, you know.”

We go for walks unless it’s very heavy rain, or there’s lightning. Often dogs won’t do anything but go to the bathroom when we go for a walk in the rain.

They’re saying that Osaka will feel the strongest effects of the typhoon from tonight until tomorrow morning. We cleaned up and put away items likely to fall or get blown away, but we still have plenty of worries: will the roofs of the dog enclosures get blown off? Will the animals get hit by objects sent flying by the wind? Will any of the animals start to panic during the night? Will the tarps blocking out the rain from the cat enclosures get blown away?

Well, all we can hope is that nothing out of the ordinary happens. How will tomorrow turn out? I can’t say, but I’ll be happy if all are safe and sound at the end of the day.

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Sweet’s Family

Do you remember the dog that knew nobody, Sweet? More than two months have passed since she and Blondie were rehomed. We’re always getting letters from the new owners. Seems like they’re enjoying going on walks and little by little getting adjusted to their new lives.


Spice, Sugar and Saccharine, the other members of Sweet’s family, are also bit by bit starting to understand humans, especially those who are familiar with their specific personality type.

Before, whenever anyone would enter their kennel, they would quickly run away, or stiffen nervously, and stand back watching. But now with bright, eager eyes, they come running to us. I feel like their attitude has completely softened.

Every day, we have been casually applying a kind of rehabilitation that gets the dogs to think, “When a human comes by, something good will happen!” Specifically, when we’re around them, we give out treats but do nothing else. Just hang out and not force them to do anything. They’re all quite small in size, and would do quite well with an owner who lives in an apartment even, so we’re also helping them get used to being held.


Nevertheless, we can only spend so much time with them during the day, so we always wonder if the rehabilitation is as effective as it could be. There’s still a bit of uneasiness that continues with these dogs.

They do have a really healthy appetite, so there’s always a balance between “I’m afraid!” and “I want to eat!” Even though they’re hesitant, in the end they always choose eating over anything else, so we exploit this fact to help them do more things. Step by step; no, by half steps, little baby steps, at a very relaxed pace.

To call Sweet and her family the “scared dogs” really doesn’t feel appropriate anymore. These days it seems they’re not afraid of people. It looks like they are interested in people, but they’re just not sure how to approach people and connect with them. When they sense that someone is around, they peek out and come up to the fence with deep interest, even if the person is standing right up close. And they don’t show that attitude just to the ARK staff they see every day, but to everyone, even first-time volunteers.


Spice (male)
When we first rescued Spice, we would put him on a lead and try to go out for a walk – at which point he’d start creeping along the ground and trembling with fear. Now, even if people enter his dog house, he’ll lie down and relax beside them, and sometimes even let them rub his belly!


Saccharine (female)
Saccharine has been observed basking in the sun, lying with her belly up. “I’m not afraid of anybody!” she says. She’s also started digging, which is another nice change. Every time I try to take a picture of her, she picks up on it so quickly, and I can’t really get a good shot, but anyway.


Sugar (female)
When I remember the day we removed Sugar from those awful conditions, I never would have thought that the day would come when Sugar would smile like this.

Well, looks like a staff member is heading to your place already to hang out with you today.

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Jack, Back with Atomi Again

So it looks like we’re going to have to build a well – right where Jack and the puppies are living.


ARK doesn’t have usable running water. The water that comes out of the tap is from the river, so for drinking water, we have to bring some from home or get mineral water. There are many problems with using the water from the river, such as flooding from heavy rain, typhoons, dry spells, the river freezing over and so on. Because garbage sometimes gets mixed into the water and blocks up the pump or pipes, even filtration is difficult. Our washing machine often breaks because of blockages like this. (But it’s probably breaking from overuse too...)

So we’re building a well in a place we already have a dog enclosure?! Losing Jack and the puppies’ living space creates a bit of a crisis.

As a desperate measure, we’ve placed Jack back with Atomi, and put the puppies together with some other puppies who are in the process of getting dewormed. The puppies Jack was with were being quite rowdy, as puppies tend to be, but Jack looked at them like “What the heck are you doing?”. He apparently felt a little disturbed, and got a bit depressed.

So there was no place else for him to go. Sorry buddy...


It’ll probably take about two weeks before the well will be finished and the enclosure can be used again. There are not really any compatible dogs that Jack wants to live with, but at the same time, we don’t want to keep changing his environment over and over.

Won’t someone come along soon and adopt him?

Jack, we’re sorry to keep bothering you like this...

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