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Tarquin’s Knockdown Triangle Kick: Forbidden!


One day, as a member of our staff was walking with Tarquin, she noticed that he was moving along rather awkwardly.

It sometimes looked as if he had a limp or was stumbling on something. For a few days after that, we kept seeing Tarquin in his enclosure lifting up his foot awkwardly, as if in pain. We took him to the doctor, and the physical examination and X-ray showed nothing unusual, but the vet suspected muscle pain due to too much exercise. Even though the condition was not serious, it apparently could get worse. Tarquin was ordered to stop his special “Knockdown Triangle Kick.”


The order was quite simple, yet difficult to enforce. Moving Tarquin to a smaller space would make him feel stressed. He remains calm when accompanied by someone, but we can’t be with him all the time. After racking our brains about how to stop him from leaping around, we moved the kennel, hung a big dustpan on the wall to prevent him from using it as a jump foothold, and placed the water bucket in the middle of the dog house. Tarquin can no longer attempt his triangle kicking, and he does not appear to be in pain or walk strangely any more.

But now we have to help him release his excess energy!


At ARK, there is a fenced area on a sloping grove called "The Ring", where dogs are unleashed for exercise. Tarquin loves it, and whenever he comes here he keeps running from end to end with a broad smile on his face. Exercising here seems to help him release stress, as he is often seen sleeping quietly in the dog house afterwards. But he still does his super special favorite Knockdown Triangle Kick at the Ring! Since he can get a long running start there, the height and twist of his jump are even more spectacular. He uses the trunks of nearby cedar trees as footholds to push off from. What amazing jumps he does, almost like somersaults in midair!

"Tarquin will get the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics!"

But we can’t make jokes like this any more. We can no longer take him to the Ring.


Even though we’re protecting his feet, poor Tarquin will be stressed out if everything is out of bounds and he can’t get any exercise. What we can do includes taking him on long walks as a distraction, giving him the T-touch, playing with his nose, and grooming and massaging him to release that pent-up energy.

I wish there were more time! I wish I could have more time with Tarquin! And with him, with her, and that one too...


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Jack’s Little Problem


Meet “Jack Too” – an adorable Jack Russell Terrier.


Jack had been living at the shelter with another dog named Look at me (a.k.a. Atomi), but they weren’t getting along as well as expected. At first, it seemed that Jack and Atomi would become good playmates, but Atomi never really accepted Jack, and Jack even became a little scared of Atomi. So because Jack was about the same size as some playful puppies at the shelter, he was put in with them.


Jack loves playing in the water. He’s had lots of fun splashing around in the river, chasing other puppies, and trotting around with a ball. (Yes, it was smart of us to change around your living companion, wasn’t it?)

So that’s Jack. But, he does have one small problem – he chases his tail. He’ll spin around and around, chasing his tail and barking. Like this... See what I mean?



When we first took Jack in, he spun around chasing and biting his tail so violently that he actually drew blood. The Jack Russell Terrier is a breed that requires plenty of exercise. Without such exercise, stress builds up and certain behavioral problems can develop. In Jack’s case, this accumulation of stress manifested itself as a tail-chasing problem.

Because Jack was damaging his tail by biting it so much, we began his rehabilitation by cropping what was left of his tail so that his mouth could not quite reach it.


Unfortunately, even after four years, his problem still remains. It’s just not something that can be eliminated so easily. However, using certain remedies and clicker training, there have been some positive results. Most recently, the speed of his spinning has slowed down, and he will only spin around two or three times. He has also learned to stop by himself.

Before starting to spin, Jack always shows some easily noticeable signs, particularly his facial expression and a change in behavior. Thus with only a little distraction, his spinning can be stopped preemptively. Thankfully Jack’s signs of stress are so easy to see that they are quite simple to respond to.

One thing we’ve had to be careful of is not making loud noises or shouting while Jack is spinning around, as it only excites him further.

There’s another tactic we’ve been using: after Jack stops spinning around, we tell him to sit in a quiet voice and then praise him or give him a treat as a reward.


So this is about as much as ARK can do to help Jack. The only thing missing that’s necessary for Jack to get better is a kind family to watch over him, and that he can build a trusting relationship with.

Jack’s a very active dog who needs the same amount of exercise as any large-size dog would. But he also loves being held and snuggling up with people. When we first took him in, he was not used to being touched, so he would feel threatened and nervous, and start up his spinning routine. Now you can touch him anywhere and he’ll be completely indifferent about it. It also appears that Jack likes cars.

Isn’t there someone out there who can take in this little boy, and give him the active, fun-filled life he’s been waiting for?

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The Trouble with Boss

This is “Boss”, an 8-year-old Labrador retriever. He came to ARK with a female Lab mix named “Kuro-chan”. Kuro-chan found her new home and now Boss is all alone.


Boss loves people and is as bright and innocent as other Labs. But he tends to overreact to the noises around him, like the barking of other dogs. This makes him restless, and he’s always barking and running around his kennel.
Boss has lost a lot of weight since he came to ARK. He visited a vet and had several tests, but no abnormalities were found. One possible cause of his weight loss was mentioned, however: stress. So, we decided to move Boss to a kennel where not many people go by and things are not so busy. Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to help much, and he is still restless. I’m not even sure there is a place here where the dogs can really feel settled... There are kennels everywhere and just no truly quiet place to go.
But that’s another issue altogether. What’s the trouble with Boss this time?


Here’s Boss at the clinic. He’s been here for two days to get treatment for continual vomiting.
And what was found in his vomit? Cherry tomato, boiled egg, apple and baby sardines! Huh?!
We don’t feed our ARK dogs the food humans eat, and Boss has been eating a special prescription food to help maintain his weight. None of the staff had any idea how he could be vomiting that kind of stuff.

Because Boss was dehydrated, we had to put him on an IV. While we were preparing it, I said to Boss, who was wandering around the room, “Why don’t you lie down here on this towel?” He curled up on the towel obediently.


Boss has been living in an outside kennel, so I felt sorry for him, seeing him all balled up quietly inside amidst the hubbub of our bustling around preparing things and cleaning.
Boss loves people, and he feels quite content if he has someone beside him. It was really lonely and tough for him to live in the outside kennel. He is relaxed now with just a towel because someone is standing nearby.

But anyway, why did he throw up cherry tomatoes, boiled egg and all that other stuff?

Boss only eats prescription food. There’s nobody but our staff taking care of him, walking him, feeding him, and cleaning his kennel. The only thing we could think of was that some visitor or other non-staff member had come to his kennel and given him the food. In any case, it’s quite a shame.
Probably the people who gave him the food didn’t mean any harm.
Maybe someone felt sorry for him because he was skinny, and thought he should have a snack.


Anyone can come and have a look around ARK. Basically, nowhere is off limits, except for private living space or areas that need to be sterile for hygiene reasons. Before we take visitors on a tour of the grounds, we ask them not to give our dogs any snacks. But we can’t keep an eye on them all the time.

Some dogs’ stomachs get upset easily. Some dogs will take food from an outstretched hand, but then try to eat the hand too. Some try storing their food for later, and some get into fights over snacks thrown in from outside. Some dogs have to be separated because of fights like that, despite having been able to live together in the same kennel up until then. Sometimes people and dogs get seriously injured. Some get diarrhea and become sick. Like Boss, some vomit and have to be put on an IV. To avoid these problems, we ask visitors not to give any food to our dogs without asking us. If you want to give them something, please check with the staff first.
There are some dogs who may approach you with their tail wagging happily, but if you stick out your hand suddenly, they’ll bite. But despite all our cautionary signs and reminders, there are still people who give the dogs food.

We allow visitors to go anywhere on the ARK grounds because we trust them and believe that they will respect our rules.


We have also been looking for a new family for Boss.
If you’re thinking about fostering him, even if only for a short time, please contact ARK.
We really hope Boss can find his own happy home where he can truly relax, sleep well and not lose weight anymore. Please contact ARK for him ASAP!

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Adoption Fair News

Sunday, June 10
An adoption fair will be held at GREEN DOG, in the Southern Mall Rokko in Kobe! We are always grateful for GREEN DOG's help and support.
Go here for more information!


We’re planning to attend.
Please come and see us, everyone!!


Right: I'm Oh So Sharp!
Left: I'm Pinza!
Every day we eat a lot of food without being picky and we work on our training. We’re growing up happily and energetically.


Left: I'm Nearco. Because we live in the middle of lots of nature, it will be good socialization for us to go to a place with lots of people and cars.
I want to meet lots of different people!

You can, of course, adopt a pet who is not present at the fair.
You can see photographs of more ARK pets. If one catches your eye, please tell the staff.
If you are interested in a pre-adoption interview, or have any doubts or questions about adopting, please take this chance to talk to us!
For those who can’t make it all the way to ARK in Nose, this is your chance to see our great animals. See you all soon!

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Sassy and Sessy


Sassy! Hi!


Sessy! Hello!


Sometimes they get into little fights, but these two are the best of friends and are always together. They’re a little shy but they always walk so nicely, even with volunteers they’re meeting for the first time.


Time has flown since they came to ARK – it’s already been more than six years, and they’re both over ten years old now. We want to give them a family of their own where they can get old in peace and quiet. Sassy and Sessy are full of energy, so there’s nothing to worry about when I use the word “old”. When it’s time for dinner, they hop, skip and jump all around – give us our food! They wolf down their meal first, then go after whatever food is over in their neighbor’s enclosure...the little rascals...

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