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Look at me!(2)


“Hi, there! It’s me, Atomi again! Actually, I hovered between life and death a little while ago, but I’m completely recovered now, so don’t worry…”

Okay, I’ll tell you what happened on Atomi’s behalf.


One morning, Atomi got severe diarrhea, vomiting and melena several times. We were all surprised because she had been her usual self the day before. We rushed to take her to the vet, and she was hospitalized right away. A series of tests was done, but no definite cause was identified - the treatment simply continued. Fubord, who was rehomed the other day, even donated his blood again.

The vet told us to be prepared for the worst. We just hoped and prayed for Atomi. After several days of hospitalization, she somehow survived and started to get better. Looking at the test results and her usual behavior, zinc poisoning was strongly suspected. After complete detoxification, her liver went back to normal and she is now full of energy.


Yes, but how did Atomi get zinc poisoning!? In fact, it may have been because of one of her habits – licking the fence of her kennel. This abnormal behavior may be due to stress. The fence is painted and the paint obviously included some substance causing zinc poisoning. At a certain part of the fence, the paint had come off, and we noticed afterwards that this was the part Atomi always licked.

We had no idea that fence licking could cause zinc poisoning. Even so, we are really sorry that we didn’t notice the problem before it made Atomi so ill and caused her such a lot of pain. One could argue that it was our mismanagement. In any case, we are eternally grateful that Atomi recovered and we have committed ourselves to being more careful about anticipating any hazards and paying close attention to each dog and cat.


Now, the fence is covered with an acrylic board so that she can’t lick it, but this is just an emergency measure, not a real solution. Atomi is still a bit stressed.


As long as she lives at ARK, she will experience some stress. We really want to find her a good home where she can settle down. All she needs is an owner she can respect and rely on. How long will poor Atomi have to wait to have a family in her life?

“Please! Be my family!!”

☆☆☆Golden Week Adoption Fair Announcement☆☆☆
Date: 4/29, 4/30, 5/4, 5/5
Location: GEORGE, Komazawa Store

Date: 5/3
Location: Green Dog Square

And of course, we look forward to seeing potential adopters every day at ARK!

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Roo’s Wheelchair

In July 2001, Roo was abandoned alone. She was probably around three years old at the time, so she is now about eight.


Roo is a calm, very nice girl, but is very different in one respect from other dogs......She was born with very short front legs. She has nails and pads, but her legs are only about 8 cm long and they are crooked, so she can’t walk or even stand up like ordinary dogs.


Someone who came to ARK the other day looked at Roo and kindly offered a present – a wheelchair! ARK has ordered and used wheelchairs for dogs with paralyzed hind legs, but we had never heard of wheelchairs to assist front legs. We of course wished to give Roo a chance to lead a life like other normal dogs, but had half given up. How excited we were to hear this news!

We know someone who makes wheelchairs for dogs with hind leg problems and also front leg problems – he’s helped a lot of dogs to run around happily. We accepted his offer this time too and renewed our determination to continue Roo’s rehabilitation.


Roo's wheelchair was completed and sent to ARK recently. We put Roo on it right away, but she got exhausted after just a short walk. Since she’s never walked on four legs before, moving around this way forces her to use muscles she doesn’t usually use.

For Roo to learn to walk properly and comfortably, a great deal of time and practice will be needed. The ARK staff and Roo will do their best, working together as much as they can.


I will report more on Roo’s wheelchair rehabilitation in the future.

All the staff at ARK would like to express their heartfelt thanks to Mr. K, who gave Roo this great present, and Mr. C, who built the wheelchair, for giving Roo a wonderful opportunity.

☆☆☆Golden Week Adoption Fair Announcement☆☆☆
Date: 4/29, 4/30, 5/4, 5/5
Location: GEORGE, Komazawa Store

Date: 5/3
Location: Green Dog Square

And of course, we look forward to seeing potential adopters every day at ARK!

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About the Pet Food Recall

Ever since the presence of rat poison was detected in the wheat flour used for pet food in America and Canada, we have been concerned for our animals here at ARK.

We take extra care to ensure that the food we give our animals is not canned food or packaged wet food that has been recalled. Presently, we are relieved to report that none of our cats and dogs has shown any suspicious symptoms.

All the food donations we receive at ARK are carefully used.
The animals’ smiles are made possible by your wonderful donations! We ask for your continued support.


Flowers currently in full bloom at ARK. These flowers, which Ms. Oliver has put her heart into growing, really show the happiness of spring! Please come and have a look for yourself!

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Your stay at ARK has been quite long, and you are popular with our volunteers, but guess what, Punch and Fubord? Your day has finally come!!

When these fellas were chosen to be rehomed, I was so incredibly happy that I couldn’t stop smiling. I get like this especially when dogs who have been with us for a while or who are rather advanced in years get rehomed.


This dog was always a favorite with ARK’s volunteers, and he could be given to anyone to be walked without any worries. Always gentle and quiet, but with a bit of a piggy appetite, this was one cute old dog.


Fubord always had a different expression of unease on his face. He was a bit of a shy guy so it would take a while for him to warm up to people. But he saved so many of his buddies by giving blood transfusions! Now it’s your turn for happiness, Fubord.


The two adopters were both found through ARK’s Tokyo office. In such a case, we generally send the dogs by plane. Here are Fubord and Punch in the car ready to head off to the airport. You can really see their personalities here – Punch, upset by nothing, relaxed even inside a cage, and Fubord, standing hunched forward, looking a bit uncomfortable.

When a potential adopter lives closer to Tokyo and contacts Tokyo ARK, the animal is chosen through pictures and information from the staff. Most of the time, adopters meet their new animal pal in person for the first time after the animal reaches Tokyo. It takes a lot of courage, decisiveness and a warm, altruistic spirit to complete an adoption this way. A trusting relationship must also be established between the staff and the adopter.

I’d like to extend our sincere thanks to all those people who have adopted an animal from ARK. I’d also like to thank our very own hard-working Tokyo ARK staff, whose skills at setting up adoptions are something I’d like to learn from.


The car is loaded up with the two dogs, ready to go to Itami Airport. It’ll be a while before they reach Haneda Airport and meet the Tokyo ARK staff waiting for them. Be patient and hang in there!

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with walks, brushing and all the care they needed while they were at ARK.

Finally the day has come where Punch and Fubord can have a home to call their own. I’m sure we’ll soon be receiving news and photos from their adopters about their happy lives in their new homes. Come to ARK any time to hear about how they’re doing. Let’s all share their joy.

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Neko Trouble

While doing some training in England, I observed that at places like Cat Protection and Battersea, cats are usually placed one to a cage, the reason being that cats are intrinsically solitary by nature.


Here at ARK, we have a large number of cat houses scattered around the facility. Depending on the pen size, type of food given and compatibility between cats, each pen usually houses anywhere from 4 to 10 cats.


We even have a lot of cats living in small spaces designed to house sick cats, even though they’re healthy – there just isn’t enough space. While we feel bad about keeping them in such small enclosures, we always do our best to try to couple cats that are compatible with each other together.


At ARK, finding suitable homes for cats is a much more severe problem than finding homes for dogs. It has reached the point where we almost always have to refuse new cats at the door. There are far fewer people looking to take care of cats than dogs, which quickly leads to some crowded kitty pens. Even cats like Maro here, who don’t get along well with other cats, have to put up with roommates.


For cats, these kinds of conditions can often lead to increased stress and even sickness. Not only that, but because there aren’t many staff members available to take care of the cats, keeping them clean and healthy becomes much more difficult.

Cats are often irregular eaters compared to dogs. Unfortunately, we can’t always be around to watch them eat either, so we frequently leave their food dishes out so they can eat when they get hungry.


Some time ago, I read on some vet’s page that leaving cats’ bowls out like that can lead to obesity or urinary tract infections. Sadly, even though we know it’s true, there isn’t much we can do.


The staff here are always thinking, “if we could just put them by themselves…or even get away with just three or four to an enclosure – how great would that be!” Unfortunately, it’s not a problem that can be fixed overnight, no matter how much we want a solution. It’s not just a matter of increasing the number of cat pens either, as that would lead to a greater need for volunteers to cover them. And we don’t even have the space to do that anyway! In the end, we’re always left asking ourselves the same question, “If we could just find even one cat a new home…but what’s the best way to do that?”

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Let's be friends!


My name’s Sora. I once left ARK to be adopted, but due to certain circumstances I came back. Although I was here before, I still feel bewildered and lonely because of the sudden change of environment.


Tarquin: “Hi, Sorarin! I'm Tarquin. I left and came back just like you. I think we'll get along well!”
Sora: “What's up with you?! Don't call me 'Sorarin' when we've only just met! Think we’re best friends already or somethin’? Go away!


Tarquin: “Hey, Miss S. Am I no good at making friends? How can I get on good terms with Sorarin?”
Staff Member S: “It's okay. Sorarin just came back and his feelings are unstable. Just try and get closer to him bit by bit.”


Tarquin: “Sorry about earlier. My dog run is big, so do you want to come over and play? There are even two dog houses.”
Sora: “Hmm, what should I do?”


Thunder: “I'm Thunder. ARK is pretty different now from when you were here last, so I'll teach you things like how to behave when guests come. I'm alone right now too. My enclosure has good sunlight, it's the best.”
Sora: “You're nicer than you look.”
Tarquin: “Oh no! It looks like I might lose Sorarin to Thunder!”


Thunder: “Oh! There's some cheese lying over there! Someone must have dropped a treat used for training. It'll be a present for Sorarin! Sorarin, look!”
Tarquin: “.......!”


Tarquin: “Sorarin, look! There's cheese over here! You eat it. I don't want it.”
Sora: “So there is! Did you find it, Tarquin? You're amazing! Thanks!”

(Warning: Let's not eat any old thing we find on the ground...)


Thunder: “Hey, what the--! I'm the one who found it! Tarquin's stealing my spotlight!”

Happy News

Sweet has been adopted!
She is still at ARK now, but I will give a more detailed report after she is rehomed. Everyone who thought of her and supported her, your thoughts have gotten through. Thank you!

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