ARK-rabbits rehomed!

Great news!
Rabbit siblings, Nova and Peter, were finally rehomed! They spent 6 years in ARK!

Just after their mother was rescued 6 years ago, Nova and Peter were born in ARK. So for these two, we know exactly how old they are.
Two of the four siblings are currently living with their mother, Pyonko.

Here’s a picture from when they were baby rabbits♪
This is Peter(female) and Nova(male) is in the back.
Look, how adorable they were!!!

Both were born and grew up in Nose. They are used to our cold winters and hot summers. Compared to other rescued rabbits, they are quite tough and wild
They have never lived inside a house. This means they are not good at using a litter box and are not that friendly. We almost gave up finding them a family.


But we could not completely give up and uploaded their profile on our website. It has been 6 years already.
But the time has come!
They both were adopted together!
The adopter just lost their rabbit who was also adopted from ARK several years ago.
Although they are still mourning the loss of their rabbit, they deiced to adopt other one.

These two rely on each other so much. If we separate them when one of them is sick, the condition will get worse. We really wanted them to be adopted together.
The adopter considered it and decided to adopt both Peter and Nova.

Almost perfect, but we were worried about one thing: the flight.
We did not worry about the flight for rabbits such as Kanta, who just flew to Tokyo without any problems. But these two have never left Nose. We were worried whether they could bear the stress from being transported.
Their father, Chip, panicked and injured himself when he was put in a car before.

We carefully put pasture grass in a cardboard box as a buffer and put the box into a carry case.
They are together for their comfort.
Both of them were so quiet on the way to the airport. We were relieved to see that they didn’t panic in the car.
Several hours later, it was confirmed they arrived their forever home safely. We finally could celebrate this adoption.

The adopter kindly sent us their photos!
It is hard to believe they never lived inside of a house! They look so settled!
Nova’s new name is “Ryu” and Peter became “Ayame”. I am sure Peter is so happy to finally have a feminine name♪

Peter looked worried in the box and put her face under Nova’s body. But she got used to her new life soon and now she is good and eats well.

Look how relaxed she is. She shows her belly when she sleeps besides Nova!

We were worried in the beginning, but now we are so happy. It is amazing to see how well animals can adapt. We are sure they are going to be spoiled from now on!
Thank you so much for adopting them and also thanks to all the supporters of Nova & Peter!
All ARK rabbits have now been adopted!!

On 10th Nov [Tokyo ARK] Adoption event at Dog Life Design ☆

On 11th Nov [Tokyo ARK] Adoption event at Dog salon Kugenuma in Fujisawa☆

On 11th Nov [Osaka ARK] Adoption event at Field Note in Nara☆
Ms.Oliver will have a small presentation from 11am. Please come join us!


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ARK support Fair soon!

We will have bi-annual event at FIELD NOTE in Nara, “ARK Support Fair”.

We visited FIELD NOTE to prepare the panel exhibition.
The panel exhibit displays pictures of ARK animals with their stories.
You can see it until 22nd of April inside the shop during their store hours.

The store features interior goods, food and clothes. All of them are fantastic. There is also a tea corner where you can enjoy a drink while looking at the beautiful garden. The sweets are homemade and the bread is from Pain de Cuisson. These are also wonderful.

I visited there on assignment for ARK but I came back with lovely plants I bought at Field Note!

Ms. Oliver will join the adoption event & handmade goods market on 22nd.
Her new book “Doubutsu to wakachiau Jinsei (Days shared with animals) JP only” will be sold with Ms. Oliver’s autograph.

Please come join us♪

ARK support Fair
■■Panel exhibit “Animals living in ARK”
Date: 12Apr2012 (Thu) to 22Apr2012 (Sun) (Closed on Mon)
   Store hours 10:00~18:00
Agenda: Pictures of ARK animals with their stories with.

■■Market & Adoption event
Date: 22Apr2012 11:30~16:00
Agenda: -Adoption event
-Market for Foods and handmade goods
-Seedling from ARK Garden (managed by Ms. Oliver)
-ARK goods

Here’s the participants for the event↓

Story from the previous support fair↓↓↓
http://tokyoark.blog110.fc2.com/blog-date-201110.html - no349

630-8014  2-2-77 Shijyo Oji, Nara-shi
TEL: 0742-36-7227

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You did it、Zelinda!

Today Zelinda finally left the ARK centre.
Her new adoptive parents are also the owners of her father, Zara.

It was three years ago that the sisters Zelinda & Zelda were left living at the centre after their mother Zandra, and father Zara, were adopted.
In December last year Zelda was finally adopted, but this left Zerinda on her own.
Zara’s adoptive parents worried about the situation as if their own daughter had been left behind, and decided in the end to welcome Zerinda into their family.

Both Zara and Zerinda seemed incredibly happy, wagging their tails and greeting each other with glistening noses.

Of course Zara’s trump card had also been passed down to Zerinda.
Although she gets in a temper when put into a new situation, upon being shown a tasty snack she immediately gave a succession of high fives.
It seemed Zara had already lost ground!
We are really looking forward to see how the relationship between the father and daughter will develop from now on.

Zerinda is a big cross-breed, who was shy in front of strangers, a scaredy-cat, and so-called “hard to adopt”. Previously when introduced to foster parents she would refuse to go for a walk, too shy to show her affection, but when seeing this Zerinda now demanding attention, excitedly trying to get people to play, the amount of love we felt for her was unbearable.
There were times we almost gave up on her, but the long awaited day of her adoption finally came!
We are very grateful to her new foster parents.

We were also able to re-home Vivi, who after being bullied by nasu and kyu had been living on her own.

We experience plenty of both happy and sad moments, but when we have days like this it really encourages us to keep on doing our best for all the animals!

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Okota was re-homed !

Okota suffered from a hernia. However, today he was rehomed and went to his new family.

His new mom and dad came to ARK and planned to take him to home last weekend and take care of him after the surgery, but actually they could not do that. Today became a glorious day for him.

His hernia problem continued. He often jumps around in his kennel at ARK. If he lived in a calm environment he may not need surgery.

It will take time for him to gain weight. His vet will decide if surgery is necessary. In the case of surgery, we don’t worry so much because Okota is young.

To our surprise, lots of people expressed concern about him after he was posted on this blog. We really appreciate everyone’s concern.

Today Okota relaxed at his new home. He was sleepy and enjoyed the hot carpet. This is an ideal environment for Okota because his family is very warm and kind to him.

Okota is very happy and has overcome his tough winter in ARK. Congratulations on your new home! Your dreams came true!

I am also eager to have my own family!

Leck’s additional comments on March 17th.
At last I have gotten my family. Thank you all!

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A very very special miracle happened today!
Shibu and Silky were rehomed!!

Here is their article before -> Shibu and Silky

It is not an easy task for stray kittens who came to ARK when they were 4 months old to adjust themselves to human society and sharing happiness with humans. Love and effort are not good enough to solve this issue.
Even changing place at ARK gives stress to Shibu and Silky.
So, they were living in a small room together.
I wrote about them on the blog before, but it was a last resort. They take only to staff members taking care of them, and they are sensitive to changes. I almost gave up the idea of finding them new family.

Today, we had a future cat adopter. They also met pretty and friendly kittens at ARK. However, they kindly said, “these kittens still have hope. If we found them by ourselves, there would be no choice. We will adopt ones whom ARK wants us to adopt.”.
Of course, Shibu and Silky did not show their good side to a potential adopter.
Not only refusing to be held, they did not let them touch.
Even so, they told us “it’s okay. we are not planning to have them as our toy”.
They are a married couple who love cats, understand cats and respect cats.

I am sooo excited with joy!!!!

And one more great story we had in the end of last year.

It is about sister dogs, Zelinda and Zelda.
Please read this article first -> The Secret Inheritance

We tweeted a bit about it, but Zelda was rehomed in the end of last year!

It is difficult to rehome a: …”bigger middle sized dog”, “mix-bleed”, “timid”, “shy”, “with health problems (inclu. prescription food)”, “old”.
These dogs match all the conditions above except for old.

We were happy that Zelda was rehomed, but heartwarming story did not end. It may be fate or some kind of link.

Zelda once gave her blood to one dog who was from ARK when the dog was sick and needed blood transfusion.
That dog had been fighting against the disease and overcame it once, but finally gone to heaven.
Zelda was adopted by the married couple who had that dog.
The day that Zelda was rehomed, was the day that dog’s death anniversary.

Sad memory day became the day the next happiness began.

When we took the photo at her new home, Zelda could show her “inherited skill” without being requested.
Speciall skill was surely handed down from her father Zara.

Hope my sis Zelinda also will get her happiness.

Atlas also got his happiness as a member of new family. It seems this year would be a good year!!

No, we will try to make this year good!!

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