Report : Adoption even ☆ Full of cats! February 22nd

On February 22nd, Japan’s Cat Day, we had our “Adoption Event: Full of cats” at our usual place, Kobe Green Dog.
Thanks to so many people sharing the news, we had quite a lot of phone calls before the event itself, and it turned out to be an even greater success than we could have imagined.

Cappe, one of the “winners” this time.
Even though he is a great boy, it has been tough to find him a new family, but just before his first birthday, he finally found the happiness we were all looking for. He will leave us next Sunday! ♪
“Soon, I will be part of this family!”

Not caring at all about the change of environment, the siblings Sazanka and Hiiragi spent all their time playing and also found a new home! They will leave us when their new house is ready to welcome them♪

Always bossy in the cat house, Robinson was cheering Tournesol who with Narla, is going to leave us for the same house. The two of them will move to their new family in Nose next Sunday, and they were the last ones to get adopted this time.♪
“Brother, the time to go our own way has come...”

Confused during his first trip out, the handsome Hachi was surprisingly very popular. It sounds like he might find a new home very soon♪
“Ah... Don’t worry about me...”

This is Shirasu. She was in the same spot the entire time, very nervous.
This is usual for cats as they don’t really like changes in their environment, but it made it difficult to get people’s attention. Let’s keep waiting for a new family at ARK♪
“What are you looking at?”

The friendly sisters Lina and Kunak had also difficulties to open and play, again having a tough time catching the eyes of enough people. It would be great to get them adopted by the same family♪

Inaho, managing to relax on strangers’ lap. We surprisingly couldn’t find anyone to adopt him this time, but it should not be too hard for such a popular boy to find a great new home♪

The dog team kind of played the supporting role this time.
Java: “Wanna play? I’m a bit bored...”。

Fumufumu: “Don’t pay attention to me, I’m fine”

Koimo: “A possible new home?”

Java and Fumufumu: “Well, we are only here as supporting roles anyway...”

In the end, out of our 11 cats, 6 found a new home!!
Moreover, many people said they would come to visit ARK on the next day.
We are hoping to hold more adoption events “full of cats”!! Please come and spend some time playing with them if you can!!

Thank you to everyone at GREEN DOG SQUARE for letting us use some of your space this time again!
Our next adoption event in Kobe will be on Sunday, March 29th. Come spend some time playing with our boys and girls!

There are many other boys and girls waiting for their new home!

Here you can find how the adoption process works :


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Mother of white puppies, Kara, Part III.

When did I feel some nice cool air for the last time? Has the summer already started without any rainy season?
I heard news about some torrential rain. Is everything ok with you?

Oops, again and again, I forget to introduce myself early – I’m Kara. How have you been?
I visited the city area yesterday, so I felt it was much hotter than it is in Nose.
Why the city area? Because, I joined an adoption event that some of my daughters have joined before.
I was totally ok in the car on my way back to ARK although on the way to the venue, I was a bit nervous because it’d been a while since I had taken a drive for the last time.
Now, please let me tell you how the event went about.

This is Frantz, one of the 34 dogs from the mountain.
It was my first time meeting one of these dogs. He was cute, and I was happy about it.

He usually barks when we pass by his kennel. However, he was calm and enjoyed being petted all day yesterday. We never knew he loved to be petted. He is such a sweet boy.
A young girl kept petting him and did things like this, but he never got upset.
He seemed to be nervous when he walked outside, but I think he will be a sweet family dog.
CIMG84682.jpg CIMG85032.jpg

Yesterday, Pooka, one of Frantz’s relatives, visited the venue. Two months have passed since she was adopted. She seemed to be more confident than she was in Nose. I was moved by the change that had occurred. Love from her family must be just great…
I think Pooka enjoyed meeting dogs from Nose again. She kissed everyone!
I hope the other members can meet their own family one day.

This smiling boy is Monja.
He is full of juvenescence and it took him a while to settle…

He got excited alone, he got exhausted alone, and finally, he just slept so deeply that no one could wake him up.
He is physically big, but actually not mentally. I can understand that because he was raised by an old couple so he didn’t have many chances to experience new things.
CIMG8505.jpg CIMG8508.jpg

But, look, the smiling boy sleeps with a smile on his face. As the proverb goes, “Laugh and grow”.
He will definitely bring a lot of smiles and laughter if you adopt him!

And there was a dog loving calmness: Kisaburo.
He was annoyed by Monja’s excitement and energy and stood against the wall like this.

He is 14 years old and so adorable that everyone in the ARK staff loves him.
More than that, some “fans” visited him all the way to Kobe.

He spent the day sleeping in people’s arms.
Unfortunately, no one asked him as a new member of their family that day, but let’s hope that we gets his chance next time!

Two kittens also joined the event: Wabisuke and Tomuro. They are siblings.
They were tiny and adorable!
They were so adorable that I couldn’t stop myself saying “hi” to Wabisuke.
He punched me but was still adorable…

People say that cats are normally scared in a new environment.
That may be a different story when it comes to kittens.
They didn’t care where they were at all. They played with each other, and slept together.
Unfortunately, again, no one asked them yesterday but I guess they liked these kittens, but hesitated because they were still very young. You don’t have to hesitate. Please come and talk to our staff!

So, I quite enjoyed my first adoption event yesterday.
I was happy staying in a different place from Nose. I had some bites of Monja’s food and had the opportunity to greet Koyume-chan. Koyume-chan was adopted from ARK by one of the GREENDOG staff.
CIMG8465.jpg CIMG8388.jpg

By the way, the ARK staff was surprised when I quite nicely walked outside, where it was totally a new place for me.
I don’t understand why they were surprised. I went through a lot of stuff in the past!
Of course, I didn’t have any accident inside.
Some people said that I might leave ARK in the near future.
Did anyone asked me to come with them?
As the proverb goes, “Sleep and wait for good luck”.

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ARK Reunion 2014☆.

Again, the season for the ARK Reunion Party came!
We held our annual reunion on May 25th this year.
When it comes to reunions, it somewhat reminds me of bad weather.
However this year, we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day although the weather forecast had said it would rain.
This year, we had 155 two-footed and 90 four-footed guests.
There is a space for dogs to run in Sasayama which is so huge that you may think it is still spacious enough, even though such a large number of dogs and people are in it.

As always, we had games.
The first one was a “spoon race”, which we have had for many years.

Dogs ran on the leash so your dog can participate even if they can’t behave off the leash yet.

A funny thing about this game is that dogs who love balls too much may drop out, since they often try to take the ball. Consequently, calm dogs tend to have a bigger chance to win than active ones.

The next game was a true/false quiz.
Among many questions, most of which were about small tips about living with dogs, there is one question that is regularly included; is Ms. Oliver’s birthday December 12th, the “dogs-and-cats day” in Japan?
Do you think it is true? Or false?
We may ask this question again next year.

The next one was one of the highlights, “Come here!” race, in which the bond between the owner and the dog is clearly shown.
“Listen. You should go straight to dad for sure!”

Please look at the serious faces at the finish line.

I’m gonna come to you right away!

We really appreciated their enthusiasm during the race, although we didn’t prepare any gorgeous gift for the winner.
I wonder if some of the families quarreled about calling for their dog more loudly.

It is always nice to see dogs running straight to their owners.

Not all the dogs enjoyed running. A dog felt at a loss because he/she couldn’t find his/her owner and, there you are! We found a Chihuahua without any enthusiasm for competing against others; “Hi there, It’s Kuromame again!”
Each dog showed their own personality. Seeing them, we couldn’t help smiling.

One of the happiest moments, especially for humans, during a reunion is when dogs coming from the same place, siblings or families, can see each other again.
Father (Zara), and his daughters (Zelinda and Zelda).

Gucci and Teia; they used to be white puppies.

Five out of ten Beagle-mix dogs born on May 25th gathered together! They celebrated their 3rd birthday!

This year, we had more babies than in the past few years.
Some couples had babies after adopting a dog, so their babies are growing confidently with dogs. Of course, the babies love their dogs, and the dogs seem to accept the babies.
Given the fact that people often want us to take their dog because they are having a baby, we were very happy to see those families having both a baby and a dog.
“See, it is really great to be with a dog!”

On that day, we also had a party showing our new kennels to the each of the sponsors.

Part of our kennel, which was built based on shelters in the U.K., was completed, and 24 dogs were moved from Nose on May 20th.
Most of the dogs were very timid so they were nervous when having a lot of visitors.
They were so exhausted that they were absent in the evening…

Please see the page shown below for updates of the situations in Sasayama.

The most exhilarating thing for us staff is to see animals living happily with their own families.
We will be happy if we can see you and your dog next year, even if you couldn’t make it this year.
Also, thank you very much to all the participants as well as volunteers who helped us on such a sunny and hot day.
See you next year!

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Adoption Event Report ☆ at GREENDOG on Feb. 23rd (Sun).

Recently, snow on the sides of our walking courses disappeared at last, and we feel that spring is around corner.
Don’t you have itchy eyes…?
On Feb. 23rd (Sun), a warm day for February, we brought 4 dogs and 2 cats and held an adoption event again thanks to GREEN DOG SQUARE Kobe (Jpn. only)!

Let’s take a look at 2 cats first since there was no entry on this blog on Cat Day (Feb. 22nd).
Oshibe and Meshibe, brother and sister, joined the event.
They have been very friendly since they were kittens and as you can see, they are gorgeous! However, they are likely to reach their first birthday at ARK…
CIMG6067.jpg CIMG6068.jpg
The first thing Oshibe, a big eater, did at the venue was to eat. He seemed to have room not only in his stomach but also in his mind so he snuggled against people.
Meanwhile, Meshibe seemed nervous and stayed firmly in her dome bed.
I was quite convinced that the more kittens grow, the more they become sensitive to changes in their environment.
I wish I could show you Meshibe being very sweet at ARK.
They still are kittens to us ARK staffs while it seems that they are grown cats to visitors. Some of them asked us if we had kittens…
Kittens grow so fast that we can enjoy “tiny kittens” for just a fraction of a second.
In addition to that, you can see cats’ personalities if you adopt young cats instead of kittens.
Anyway, let’s keep our fingers crossed for them to meet their true families.

Lets’ move to dogs; the first one is Harp on a toilet sheet. She is becoming a “regular” at adoption events.
At adoption events, she comes to people only when she wants food; for the rest of the time, she keeps a “leave me alone” attitude. Yes, she is a type of girl who always goes at her own pace.
However, she becomes so happy when someone pets her that she shows her belly.
CIMG6082.jpg CIMG6085.jpg
She would be calm at home without making a fuss, so it would be easy for you to have a dog like her.
Actually, we had a visitor who came all the way to see Harp this day.
Let’s see how it goes.

Again, on behalf of the dogs from the mountains, we brought Pooka, a chubby cute girl, this day.
The other dogs were very skinny when they came to ARK while she was the only dog which was so chubby that we once wondered if she was pregnant.
As you may guess, she is a big eater and that is a huge advantage in an adoption event!
She was able eat from anybody and everybody. Besides, she was calm and also came to people for affection.
As Aja did at the Dec. event, Pooka was always with people and enjoyed the warmth of the visitors’ hands.
CIMG6056.jpg CIMG6071.jpg
She enjoyed a walk outside, although it was a surprise to us (in a good way, of course).
She may be the next one after Aja who gets her own home.

This is a golden retriever-mix, Oboro.
The day before the adoption event, Dan, which may be Oboro’s father, was moved to Tokyo so Oboro seemed to miss him at ARK. However, he enjoyed the adoption event a lot and was playing with the son of a volunteer with a ball throughout the event.
Since Dan has not taught him, Oboro is not good at playing with other dogs. He is a type of dog which, even though he loves dogs, mounts and annoys them at the same time.
Although he behaves in such a way, he will get back once he understands he annoyed other dogs. Which means that you can adopt him even if you already have another dog as long as he/she is a “teacher” type of dog!
With people? He definitely loves people, literally everyone. He would be good with kids, too.

On behalf of team “Mushrooms”, Eringi joined the event.
Thanks to a member of the ARK staff who brings him back home every day, he is now ok with cars and even leaps in the car on his own.
He used to excrete when scared so we thought he would do that at the event. What happened? Actually, he did great at the venue although he was so nervous that he couldn’t excrete at all while he was away from ARK…
Anyway, he proved that he is growing day by day.
So, we want Oboro to learn from Eringi since he sometimes has a problem of urine leakage.
CIMG6047.jpg CIMG5989.jpg
Mushrooms (brown puppies) love dogs very much so they can walk even in an area new to them, as long as they have other dogs’ company.
Look at his face on the picture on the right! He was always in a corner during the event because he didn’t know what to do with so many guests, which was too much for him, but became totally happy when Oboro came to him.
He would become “a part of a family” very soon if he was adopted by a family with another dog(s).

No one could find their own home but several potential adopters visited us on this day!
We are looking forward to seeing you in Nose!

2014 ARK calendar is available at half the price now☆

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Adoption event report ☆ at DOGSIGN (Tokyo ARK) on Jan. 26th (Sun).

We had the first adoption event this year on Jan. 26th at DOGSIGN in Tokyo.
Five dogs and four cats participated in the event.
Please let Jade, the cat, report about the event:

Hi everybody, I’m Jade!
People often say that I’m “gorgeous” since I am a Siamese-mix.
Actually, I am a JAPANESE cat! Do you get it? Ha, ha….
Ok, let’s start with dogs:

This is Sazak. She’s been waiting for his forever home for a long time.

She is definitely a beautiful dog but she is still waiting for her own home simply because she is not a “look at me!” type of dog.
Also, she is a mommy’s girl. People don’t realize she is up for adoption because she is in a foster home.
She underwent major surgery at the beginning of the year. She has been doing well after the surgery. She causes no problems at all and will be a great dog for you!

The next one is Tuba.

He came to Tokyo from Nose last fall. He was under stress all the time in Nose, so he barked frequently and lost weight. The Osaka ARK staff thought that life might be better for him in Tokyo than in Nose. That’s why he moved to Tokyo.
Surprise! He came to Tokyo and became absolutely calm. Everybody must understand how important environmental factors are to animals. Of course, the staff is happy because he can be calm and relaxed now.

(He is a bit unsure because his foster family left him for a while)

I still don’t understand why no one has adopted him. Yes, he is big-- big body and big face. But he is also VERY big in heart. Once you live with him you will see how sweet he is. He doesn’t bark and is never aggressive toward people or other dogs. He makes everyone happy with his cheerful character. Oh, there is one thing about him – he is TOO curious about us cats.
I can understand why he always tries to come close to us; we have small faces and can move lithely.

Ok, let’s move on to the next dog, Hara.

She is also the type of dog that needs time to get to know you.
She is very active at her foster home, but she’s so shy that she becomes almost “invisible” once she goes out, especially to new places.


She gives the impression that she is very shy. But once she gets to know people she is so sweet and cheerful. The ARK staff is always happy to see the smile of a shy timid dog.

This restless Golden Retriever is Snoopycrest.

I heard that he had to endure many things before. So, he is totally happy with the situation he is in now. He joined ARK just recently but thanks to his foster family, he is getting better and better every day.


So he is very smart and behaves now. However, they say that at a new home all human members should take the leadership role. He will be happy if he is the only dog at the new home. With cats? –Oh, no, he will play with our toys till they are broken and chase us!

This puppy with the cute “I-don’t-know-what-to-do” face is Shiitake.

He tried to hide under chairs and tables all the time but his attempts failed. People came to him, petted him, and cuddled him. His face was as if he shouted out “I don’t know what to doooo!” I think he will be adopted very soon because he is a gentle and cute puppy.
I know that because I am a CUTE LITTLE kitten, too! So, you should come and adopt him NOW!


OK, now it’s time for us, cats.
They are Shen and Xing-fu, brothers.
(This picture was taken at the foster’s home when the were relaxed. They were totally tense during the event)

They lived with another brother, Piao, who was adopted soon after they were rescued. Since then, those two kittens have lived together and they found their own home TODAY!
They chase each other very often like other kittens usually do and their new family said that they looked forward to seeing that!

So, how did things go for me and Tsubuan?
Actually, we found our own home, too!
Like Shen and Xing-fu, Tsubuan and I will be adopted together so we don’t have to feel lonely at our new home!


We had many visitors today, like a “Hokkaido Fair” at a department store or something. I was asked to introduce the dogs and the cats at the venue today in this article because I am one of the new members at ARK. But I found my own home sooner than the other dogs. I’m sure that all the others will find their own home in the future. S you guys should look forward the day your new and forever family come and fall in love with you!

Good bye, all!

At this event all the potential adopters wanted cats!
We’ll have potential adopters for dogs next time, won’t we?

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