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DNA Testing

What exactly is a mutt? Well, that’s a question that often gets asked at ARK. Let’s get the negative
connotation out of the way first. Unfortunately, in the past, people used to associate the word mutt as
something negative. After all, the original meaning of the word ‘mutt’ meant an inferior dog.

Fortunately in this day and age, the term “mutt” can correctly be described as a dog that is mixed with
various recognized dog breeds- so much so, that it’s hard to even know what kind of mix the dog is! People are now starting to see the beauty and intelligence in Mutts (or Zasshu as they are known in Japanese).
What does this mean? This means that a mutt has all the wonderful physical, mental, habitual
characteristics of various breeds...all rolled into one adorable pup!

Zasshu like me are one of a kind!

Yes, as pet owners, we cannot help but be curious about the genetic backgrounds of our dogs. We often
find ourselves asking questions such as “My dog loves the water...could he be part Spaniel?” or “My little
dog enjoys digging so much so, I wonder if she has terrier blood in her?” Perhaps it is more physical. Does your dog has a curved tail like a pug? Or pointy ears like a Shepard? Maybe it has a black tongue like a
Chow! We can’t help but wonder.

This is where DNA testing can come in handy!

Already in many animal shelters throughout the west, DNA tests are often used to determine a dog’s breed history. By shedding light to their background and history, potential adopters can learn in more detail about these shelter dogs and thus boost adoption rates. Shelters overseas have noticed an influx of adoptions
thanks to the use of these tests, after all DNA tests can explain the dog’s:

- Unique physical features (such as how big they will become when fully grown)
- Behavior patterns (Are they the herding type and perhaps need more exercise? Or the type that can benefit from more mental stimulation?)
- Illnesses they may be prone to (such as a tendency to hip dysplasia in larger dogs, breathing difficulties in flat-nosed dogs).
- Wellness and Training Needs. Are they a match for you and your family? (Are they the athletic type? Will
they do well in an apartment, are they independent, good with kids, so on). Of course, each dog is different, however knowing the background of a dog can determine what type of lifestyle will suit that dog.

Learning about the genetic makeup of Man's best friend has many benefits

Recently, a kind individual in the UK generously donated some Wisdom Panel 2.0 DNA kits to us at ARK to
try to learn a bit more about our temporary residents. We got straight to work! The Wisdom Panel Swab
Tests are harmless to the dogs. A simple mouth swab is all that is required. The best part? It’s EASY! All you must do is, take two mouth swabs and mail them to the lab for testing, and in just two or three weeks, the
results are emailed to you. These kits can detect a total of 185 plus recognized breeds and what is great is a family tree is also included. How amazing is that?

First up we have the lovely Thumbelina
DNA test
Thumbelina is ready for action!

It appears Thumbelina is a mix of Chinese Shar-Pei, Shiba Inu, Akita, and American Eskimo Dog!

Please click the photo!

Well, it does explain her love of ice!

The results of DNA tests may startle you. For instance, a dog may clearly NOT show any resemblance to a
Yorkshire Terrier, yet the results show it is a Yorkie. What does this mean? It could be that the genetic
markings of the dog are so like that of a Yorkie, that the closest breed that the DNA test picks up is in fact a Yorkie. In Thumbelina’s case, she clearly has similar features to that of a Shiba, but where are those
famous Shar Pei wrinkles? It could be that Thumbelina carries a Shar Pei personality trait instead.

Overall, our experience with DNA testing has been a very positive, interesting, and enlightening experience. As much as we know and care for our temporary residents, we now feel we know them just that little bit
better and can tailor a wellness plan to meet their various needs.

At the end of the day, we believe each and every dog is special, regardless of breed or genetics. Their
character, their quirks, their eagerness to please, their loyalty and their devotion, is what makes a dog a
man’s best friend.


Please have a look at the following DNA results for

DNA test_Wen
Are you ready to find out your roots, Wen…?

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Parinko the Charmer


Parinko is very proud of his blue eyes and fluffy fur.
He joined ARK on a very cold day of February last year.
Originally living in a new apartment building that did not accept pets, he was sent out by his previous owner and had to endure the cold outside for about three months.

He was rescued by a neighbor, and because of his background he was back to being a stray cat by the time he arrived.
Trying to get near with your bare hands was too dangerous, he was hissing, biting and clawing everything that touched him, even toys from a distance. He was a very savage beast.

Even after 2 months, his face still looked like this.

As he had difficulties getting used to living in a wide room, we had to move him to a smaller one.
After that, it was only a matter of time until he understood what people were doing, and it slowly became possible to play and stroke him.

“Who are you talking about?”

Now he turned to be a very sweet boy who loved to be cuddled.
He starts purring as soon as people step in, and rubs his body against your legs.
He got used to his environment so well so that not only does he do that to our staff, but also to any volunteers and will gladly cuddle with them.

We are talking about you! “Hmm? Me?”

He has no problem living with his previous room-mate Karinto, but when we tried to put him with other cats, some fights were started. It might be a better idea for owners to have no other pets in the house.
He is not good with changes of environment, so it might take some time until he gets used to his new home. Once he got used to it though, he will be a very sweet and very understanding companion.
Usually cats who grew up in a house get used to a new house much faster that they would in a shelter.

You’re a sweet boy. “I know”

Living in one of the far rooms of ARK, it can be difficult to find him, and having the chance to watch him move can be rare. Please take a look at this video!


He can be so sweet and loving that the staff gets embarrassed.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want a cat who is both handsome and sweet!
Parinko’s profile page: http://arkbark.net/?q=ja/node/5876

If you have more time, here is one more.


There are many other animals waiting for a new home!

For people who might be interested in adopting some of our boys and girls:

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A Sunday full of cats!

This week, our Sunday was all about rain.
Still, many potential adopters came to visit us from early in the morning.
Among the people who came, some of them had come to our adoption event “Full of Cats”. Thank you to everyone for spreading the word!

Today, we had 6 new ARK graduates!

Very cute, but also very reserved, Pluie never managed to get a lot of attention and grew up with us.
However, this time he got adopted by the same family who took Princess Amidala last month!
Pluie gets along really well with other cats, he should have no problem being a nice little brother♪
I haven’t bad breakfast yet...

Another family adopted Fujimaru, as well as Hachi with whom they fell in love during last week’s event.
“Oh, nice to meet you, I’m Hachi.” “I’m Fujimaru, how are you doing?”

At last week’s event, Kunak and Lina stuck together the entire day and tried hard to show how much they liked each other.
Today too, they were next to each other, sleeping in their cat house. While looking at them, we tried to find them a new family where they would be able to live together, and even though adopting two cats at once can be a tough decision, our dream came true♥
Kunak, Lina, that is some very good news for you two!

To continue, Cappe also left us for his new home, after being chosen during last week’s event.
From now on, every day will have some time spent on someone’s lap!

The family who had chosen to adopt Inaho last week decided to adopt one of our shier cats instead. Please, if somebody else is interested in living with Inaho, don’t hesitate to contact us♪
Luck is something you wait for while sleeping!

Finally, Java who took part in our event last week also found a new home on this Sunday♪
What? For real??

It has been a very busy Sunday, and for two weeks in a row, but this is the kind of happy-busy day I wish would happen every week!!
Our boys and girls are waiting for you at ARK, next week too, in two weeks as well, every week♪

There are many other animals waiting for a new home!

For people who might be interested in adopting some of our boys and girls:

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The moving Comet

Comet joined ARK last year in September.
She was found in a shack down a hiking trail, extremely thin and taking care of five pups.
Even though it had been impossible to catch her without using traps, she turned out to be a very peaceful and friendly girl once with us.

Comet raising her pups, and always tired.

Her kids are also growing very healthily, neutering and spaying went very smoothly, and next on the schedule is the spaying of the mother. Being such a nice family we thought they would find new parents pretty easily, but for whatever reason they never get chosen even though we have introduced them again and again.
They are clean, the don’t pull on their leach during walks, they never bark, they are probably among the easiest dogs to have... but unfortunately, everyone seems to get the impressions that they have no spirit.

Even though her pups have grown, she still has those tired eyes.

Well for sure, their mother is always like that, very soft.


But when she gets to it, she can also turn into this!


She would be the perfect match for someone who wants to enjoy a drink in the sun! Dogs like her are very rare... Hopefully spring will bring her luck!

There are many other animals waiting for a new home!

For people who might be interested in adopting some of our boys and girls:

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Foster News “The Tabby Team Part 2: P.G. and Nadeshiko”

We introduced you to Chimney and Candle in our previous Foster News report.
In fact, there is another team of tabbies in Tokyo, P.G. and Nadeshiko.
The two of them have gotten used to their foster’s house and now the time to seriously look for a new family has come!

Let’s take a look at Team Tabby Part 2!



When they moved to my house in September, both of them came out of their cage very timidly.
P.G. fled under the bed, Nadeshiko ran to the kitchen and strangely decided to climb and hide on the kitchen stove, just to be caught again by the ARK staff.


P.G. was usually hiding under things, while Nadeshiko was escaping to higher grounds in order to safely look at the situation below
Thinking about it now, at that time they showed me their personality in a way that was very easy to understand.

That was five months ago.
The first couple of days were... strange...?
I was supposed to be living with two cats...
But when you looked around, it was totally quiet, and the only way to get a little relieved was to see that food bowls were getting empty.
Peek inside Nadeshiko’s hide-out and get hissed at...
Wondering whether he was still breathing, I put my hand on P.G. just to get him puzzled and not moving at all in alarm...
Their previous foster had told me that once they got used to you, they would both become very friendly... So I decided to wait patiently...


Being the first time for me to become a foster, I was extremely worried to see them so scared.
After about five days, they started to show themselves, and depending on their personalities, they tried different hide-outs and beddings, played with toys together and even started to eat from my hand...
Getting slowly closer day by day, it was as their previous foster had told me, and after a couple of weeks they turned into very affectionate cats.
Now my daily life is much more soothing thanks to these two sweethearts.

They also both have very different personalities...

“The slow P.G.”

Always doing things at his own pace, always hungry, but never angry.
P.G. usually loses against Nadeshiko, except when it’s food time.
He rarely jumps on people’s lap, but he will always round himself very close to you, as if waiting to be petted.
When people he does not know come by, he usually looks from far away at what Nadeshiko does before coming along.
He almost never shows his claws or attacks others, usually running away if he does not like something. He is also very patient when getting his claws cut!
Never starting a fight, he really is a soft and gentle boy.
He is often staring blankly when his toys are taken by Nadeshiko, and even though he is the older brother, he is usually getting jumped on when daydreaming on the cat tower or in the middle of toys...
With little things like that, he will give you a lot of love and you will never get tired of his company.
Some of his hobbies are gathering little items and pulling up grass, his special talent is losing his toys...

“The bright Nadeshiko”

Nadeshiko’s particular way of crying is a sign of her good moods.
She loves speaking, and as she remembers her name, it feels like you are having a real conversation.
She may be scared at first, but she really likes people and once she gets used to you, she will be all meow-meow purr-purr.
She is not capricious at all, and when you move toward a table, she will go purr either on your lap or squeeze herself between you and the backrest of the chair.
She can be really cute when she comes to steal the attention while you are minding your own things.
She is always careful to trim herself neatly, her biggest pride being her nicely polished claws! But when I cut her claws, she usually ignores me for a while.
She may be the youngest, but she behaves more like the older one, always very accommodating.
She loves bird-watching. She is also very good at stealing toothbrushes, and a master at tearing cardboard boxes apart... She is a cat of great skills...


They are a really cute pair!
They don’t care at all when they are on their own, but they will try to get your attention as much as possible when you are home. To be able to watch them sleep and get as much affection from them as possible, I’d recommend a house where there is somebody during the day as well♪


In Tokyo there are no shelters, but we can get a taste of their daily life in their foster’s house.
Many people have the wrong impression that mature cats are not friendly, but that is totally untrue!
Even cats like P.G. and Nadeshiko who tend to hide at first, only need some time to accommodate themselves to their new environment!

A very interesting Tabby Team.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested♪

For people who might be interested in adopting some of our boys and girls:

There are many other animals waiting for a new home!

We are always looking for new fosters as well!

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